Christianity or Not!

“Hate” is such an easy word to throw around and is often used to put an opponent in a backpedaling mode—discouraging honest debate and instead putting the other side on the defensive!
It is also used when the one using the word “hate” really has no valid case to present—in other words, it covers up a deficient worldview which doesn’t have to be held accountable if it can remain hidden!
There is a point in which the vitriol towards some worldviews is so “fixed” and established that the only recourse is to ignore the criticism and go on with the message.
The Christian worldview can easily be defended and has a long historical pedigree of good outcomes. While people are imperfect and Christianity sometimes takes a “hit” when evil things are done in its name, the net effect of Christianity has benefited mankind far more than not! What is happening now by some in our society is that by definition, any belief of Christianity is automatically “evil” and hence “hateful” if it differs from the other side!
Our society has many divisions and cultural chasms, possibly unbridgeable for a long time, and the religious/moral one is the most important divide in my view since morality plays a large role in what the trajectory of a nation goes. The Christian worldview and the anti-christian worldview( represented by ABC News in this instance), represent two different choices, stark choices, which can determine the road taken and the destination achieved. And they are different destinations! 
If the influence of Christianity had never occurred, if Christ had never been born, if civilization proceeded without a Christian thought ever becoming an influence—how different would this world have been?
Then think about the scenario where all Christian influence was suddenly removed tomorrow, no Christian thought or idea ever uttered again—would we be better off as a society?
How those questions are answered will say a lot!

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