Humans and Monkees

This actually could be a major step towards breaking the “species”   distinctions which some PC people hate. Discrimination against animals is a real thing for some of them and they have an ism called “speciesism”–the assigning of different morals and rights, etc., based on the species and different from humans!
Apes especially, since they resemble humans in some ways, are frequently looked at as having similar rights as humans!
I don’t think apes and monkees should be needlessly harmed and treated cruelly and they definitely are a neat species—but they are not on the same par with humans! We have to make that difference or….!
A few quotes from ethicists of the past should make us pause concerning where this kind of thing can lead.
1.  The fact that animals are nonhuman makes no difference. In fact, an intelligent adult ape has more conscious interests than a newborn human infant. Therefore, faced with the choice of rescuing from a fire either a severely retarded infant, who is unlikely to develop many preferences in the future, and an ape, we should rescue the ape. To think otherwise is simple bigotry, an example of speciesism. We should no more be speciesists than racists or sexists.     Peter Singer
2. In reference to the Baby Fae case, in which a baboon heart was transplanted into Baby Fae, David Larson said, “If a primate’s capability was higher that that of a child-I think it would be appropriate to support the opposite of Baby Fae, a transplant from a child to save the life of a healthy baboon or chimpanzee.”
These quotes are a few years old and reflect the beginning of a philosophy which may begin to flower even more now given the right circumstances!
And who can predict when those circumstances arise?
This “selfie” case does seem comical, but then again—we are living in a “brave strange world”—you never know when one thing ends up leading to another, and then ends up leading to a situation which will make our heads spin due!

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