Trump and the Future

Important things don’t come cheap!
We fought a war to obtain our Independence and there was a lot of doubt during that war and after whether the American Experiment would succeed—but it did!
In the last few years the cleavage in this nation between Right and Left had become more acute, even before Trump. What the Trump phenomenon has shown is how vicious and anti-American and undemocratic the Left had actually become!
And what is frightening is that while the outward actions demonstrated by the Left since the Inauguration may not have been displayed, since Hillary would have won, that inward attitude would have still been present and would have displayed itself through policies and activities geared towards the strangling of anything connected with the Right—or on other words—many of our basic freedoms would be severely thwarted!
No matter what anyone feels about Trump—the present environment we are in is a clash—a clash of worldviews—and I would say between freedom and tyranny!
The deck is stacked against Trump and I blame a lot on Republicans who have failed to “carpe diem” and so have misunderstood the “times” which we in. Hence the maneuvering into this Special counsel scenario! And it is being taken advantage of for sure!
Republicans better have the right response if this Special counsel tries to undercut our President and they better evolve a strong stand—to lose now would mean possibly losing the future!
Republicans better start rallying around Trump, never mind his “unpolitical” methods—he is the leader! They need a better vision about that principle!

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