Reality? and Dems and Comey and Trump!

The Truman Show with Jim Carrey was actually a very thought-provoking movie. Truman, played by Carrey, was unwittingly part of a reality TV show which followed his life in real time without him being aware of it. Eventually he became suspicious and soon discovered what was going on. His world, though limited spatially, was a gigantic set of a small town. He eventually left that “life” physically and entered the actual world.

For me the most poignant moment was the end—not that Truman discovered a whole new world—but the attitude of those who were on the outside and watching the Truman Show for entertainment. The show officially went off the air and “snow” filled the screen. No matter the time investment and commitment given to the show, when it was over, it was over! It was time to simply move on to another channel–and that is what one minor character prepared to do—find the TV Guide and find out what else is on—turn the channel! All finished with Truman and on to the next thing to occupy the mind.

Now to the Dems. What occupied so much of their time and energy up to this Comey¬†hearing was Russia! Russia this, Russia that, Russia controlling our Government, collusion and corruption, spilling over as if it was a filled up and overflowing seven-nipple pot from ancient Mesopotamia! It didn’t take long, especially after Chris Matthews had to admit (wonders of wonder) that the Russia-collusion theory has fallen apart!

What to do?

Find something else on—turn the channel!

With hardly any effort, the new push by Dems is “obstruction of justice”! Now all we hear from the Left is “perfect example of obstruction” or a “classic case of obstruction”, “textbook case of obstruction”, on and on and on! Effortlessly and all in sync!

They must have a priority list in which they may throw out a number of things but they take one in particular and try to pound it across the goal line. If that doesn’t work they go to the next thing on the list and try to pound!

These Dems are really a bunch of robots like the Borg on STNG. Someone sends out the memo I guess and they all get in lockstep! Marching onward to wherever, mere cogs in the Liberal machine!

What they don’t realize is they are being watched as well—and it won’t take much more and many more will “find something else” and turn the channel on them!

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