Healthcare, “Death”, and Liberals

Gotta love the website picture! Add a little fog and one could create an impression of Capitol Hill turning into a kind of Silent Hill, the video game!
But to the liberals: 
I have never heard so much screeching like this even when attending the beach and surrounded by seagulls!
The new mantra for the liberals is the prophetic announcement of “death”! Death! Death to millions— consequences which will  emerge in the wake of a successful passage of the Republicans Healthcare Bill!
Just the way they stand in the public space and pronounce the very words “death” and “die” just makes the soul shudder and causes one to cast a quick glance around wondering if an apocalypse is getting ready to occur even as they speak! No—-not really!
Hypocrites! All of them! And robots as well! Evidently all the liberals got the same playbook and the one rule is to take the words ‘death” and “die” and repeat, repeat,…repeat! They are all a bunch of “Mr. Robotos”, which actually came to my mind after hearing roughly the fourth liberal shout of “death”!
Their screech is perfect James Carville, who uttered the phrase to Andersen Cooper “People are going to die!” referencing the possible effects on the Clinton Foundation which the email  investigation of Hillary was having. I can still remember how he emphasized the letter “d” of die—so strong and emphatic! And so ridiculous sounding!
This liberal emphasis of “death” just amounts to a “tinkling cymbal” in light of their religious devotion to the killing of children in the womb! Why don’t the liberals bewail that catastrophe instead of acting like spoiled children over this healthcare bill! No, instead their all-of-a-sudden great concern for the Public is just shallow and cheap sounding. Oh well—when trapped by a worldview whose main purpose is to ensure the destruction of the unborn in the womb! What can one expect?
And……they seemed to have forgotten their little “takeover” of healthcare under Obama, and which now is disintegrating before our eyes!

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