Ministry of Silly Talks

“Ministry of Silly Talks”
No sooner than the Supreme Court pick was announced then Nancy Pelosi was on CNN talking about how Neil Gorsuch was outside the mainstream! With his judicial credentials!
Liberal Democrats really have no morals or virtue—they are so consumed with lust for power that they will lie, cheat, whatever to thwart the other side.
But Pelosi is really a nitwit—she is the one who said that we should pass Obamacare so we can see what is really in it. She was also caught telling a Representative, who was speaking at a protest, to mention that he himself was a Muslim!
But her words on CNN really had me scratching my head. Part of what she said:
“But as far as your family is concerned, in all of…if you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicines, or in any other way interact with the Court, this is a very big decision, well outside the mainstream of American legal thought.”
I really thought I saw Jake Tapper, who was talking with her, suppress a smile—even he thought she was sounding ridiculous!
Her statement is first of all  a bit incoherent, but that is the Pelosian philosophy at work there. I guess she was saying that the nominee was against clean air, water, or etc. or…maybe she was saying that if you are human, then that is a good reason to consider Gorsuch a bad choice! I don’t know, but Democrats chose her as House Minority leader…again…so they are stuck with her!
As for the rest of us, the circus is in town—Barnum and Bailey may be calling it quits, but never fear, Pelosi and company will take their place! How can a spectator not enjoy the lunacy of the Left?
But her “speech” last night reminded me of a Monty Python Flying Circus scene—the one about the “Ministry of Silly Walks”. Python was great on satire, especially towards the British Government–and it happens to apply here as well.
We’ll call this the “Ministry of Silly Talks”—Nancy Pelosi is honorary chairman!

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