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Beheading of Trump–Comedian Action?

This is not an isolated incident, a simple “one-off” event! Something is being displayed among the Left which has been hidden for a long time.
The Left’s growing propensity for violence, its demand to shut down Conservatives, its totalitarian control of our future leaders by holding hostage the Universities, the true philosophical “insides” of Liberals are being displayed, and quite clearly!
A clue came the other day in the Planned Parenthood headline:
“Planned Parenthood executives joke about decapitating fetuses in new video” .
Abortion has long been the issue “Par excellence” among Liberals, the “Mt. Everest” of freedom! Why this is important is due to the spiritual effects imprinted on the human soul when the killing of babies is seen as the maximizing of freedom! The soul can’t help but become darkened over time!
Exactly what is a system of ethics and values being founded upon when it ends up being structured around that premise?
The end result is that violence is becoming the answer to situations which seem beyond the control of normal processes. The Left lost—badly—surprisingly—and they don’t know what to do! So what do they rely upon? The same kind of reasoning they use with unwanted babies! Control by force!
Laughing at decapitating fetuses! A comedian beheads Donald Trump!
We better pay attention to this Liberal evolution—the next step may be an actual attempt!  

Abortion Providers

A question was directed to me today in which I was asked about the Nazis and how they could kill Jews in those horrendous ways.
My initial reply was geared towards abortionists. How can abortionists do things like partial-birth abortion at 8 months and act like some grand act of freedom was exercised? How can they view the body parts of a 5 month baby on a table, absolutely destroyed, and joke about it?
Human nature is capable of a lot and when restraints are lifted and conscience has the chance to become seared, a lot can happen. We are told to remember history so we won’t repeat it, but we still repeat it!
The one thing that won’t change is human nature—that is why there should be law! The most basic law is that which protects human life—except when one redefines something as not having life or being human—then it is no longer protected.
The Nazis dehumanized Jews as cancers and parasites. We dehumanize babies in the womb as a blob of tissue, an assemblage of cells, potential human, etc.
The scary thing about humanity—it is easier than one thinks to act  as a monster!

Zuckerberg’s Utopia

In “Our Enemy, The State” written by Albert Jay Nock, he makes a quote about people:
“Because people tend to act with the least possible exertion in pursuing their ends, they will tend to prefer the political to the economic means…”
In other words, if one can get by with the government subsidizing their “least possible exertion”, (aka Laziness!), they will!
Zuckerberg thinks we should have a”… universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”
He also said this:  “We don’t yet know how it should look or how to pay for it, but basic income seems a promising way to do this.”
I know how it will be paid for—a few people will end up being the ones to do most of the work and their money will be utilized!
Human nature being what it is, and if Nock’s quote above is correct about “least possible exertion”, I think that for many, the “new ideas” will consist of “fun in the sun” and a life of leisure, paid for by the “few”.
This whole idea smacks of a utopian plan. In ‘Looking Backward” Edward Bellamy’s version of utopia consisted of a totally free society in which everyone gravitated towards the job or enterprise of their choice. As it turned out in the book, every needful niche happened to be taken care of and so society lacked for nothing. Everyone had their place! Zuckerberg’s world is a variation of this!
But…that is on paper only! His “vision” smacks of total naivete about human nature or … it is a brilliant masterplan which would set up a situation where a few can control the many! Another ridiculous socialist plan which would fail utterly if put into practice—but it would give power to a few!! So behind all this is a totalitarian impulse!
Caveat emptor!

California Crude

California Crude
In oil there is a type referred to as “West Texas Intermediate Crude”.
In the political sphere I think we are ready to coin a new phrase to illustrate the mindset which this Trump Era has engendered and which represents a “new way” to advance political discourse: “California Crude”!
I look at this example and think about the implications if people, with this kind of mindset, actually dominate and become the main leaders in the political/social arena.
Do we really want these kinds of leaders looking after us, the ones who may disagree with them? Not very reassuring!
Do we want people of this mindset controlling our education systems? Not a nice thought for future generations!
Is there any political/social arena in which we want this kind of leadership? I hope not!
This emerging “California Crude” mindset shouldn’t be too surprising—after all—the State doesn’t mind ignoring the Federal Government about immigration. It doesn’t mind covering up for illegals’ criminal activities. What’s language?
Isn’t there a connection between crude thinking and crude behavior? Come on California—get your act together!

PC and “Uncleanness”

Political Correctness and “Uncleanness”

There seems to be an evolving set of “rituals” which are being attached to the social movement of Political Correctness. And Political Correctness has in a sense morphed into a kind of political body, a social movement , an entity which has a definite power structure being systematized into a dogma through our academic universities and diffused publicly through social media. The power of social media gives its adherents times, locations, and hence the ability to bully, destroy, or even injure through violence those seen to have “transgressed” its tenets.

But it has become something else as well. Looking at the Public Square, has that place literally, become the “ecclesia” for this movement, a gathering place for the proclamation of its message? It does also look as if Political Correctness is evolving into a new religion, many things associated with a religious body can be correlated with that idea! That is something to keep an eye on!

While there is a place for valid protest and free speech and opposition rightly performed, the PC movement seems to have gone way beyond those basic democratic freedoms and have instead morphed into something which wants to totally supplant our present political system and replace it with their “utopianist” version of reality! Except they won’t exercise much patience for those who disagree with them!

I was struck by this article and the association of McDonald’s with Trump. Now one can argue about minimum wage issues and take on McDonald’s as a specific project, but their associating McDonald’s with Trump seems to be a kind of strategy involving “guilt by association”! Of course, we know that association will add an emotive force behind their condemnation of McDonald’s by the invoking of Trump’s name, but there is a larger strategy working here as well which will probably become more obvious as time goes on. And it is probably no coincidence that the march on McDonald’s in Chicago was starting from Trump Tower!

It should still be fresh in our minds the fallout that can occur when associations are made for political reasons and I am referring to the “Chick-fil-A”/anti-homosexual comments made by the owner! PC could in no way tolerate that affront to their “values” and so protests and boycotts were pushed, some even involving cities with mayors who supported gay rights, forbidding new Chick-fil-A franchises to come to their areas! Chick-fil-A was also banned from some college campuses which shows how powerful PC has become, especially when it has some control in certain institutions! The food itself had nothing to do with the legitimate beliefs of the owner—but the association was made!

And herein is the new evolution of PC that may be forming—a strategy of “uncleanness”. Many religions have “uncleanness” definitions. Some “uncleanness” actions involve inward, involving heart and mind, and outward which have at least two types, moral and ritual. Moral would be things such as lying, stealing etc. Ritual would be things such as touching a dead body, bread eaten with unwashen hands etc. Rabbinic teaching is an example where these things were amplified greatly, especially evident in the NT. The ritual aspects are those of concern here as they would involve what we call “guilt by association” type activities.

An example involves the touching of an dead body. In Leviticus of the Bible, if anyone touched a dead body, they would be ritually unclean for 7 days and had to go various procedures to become “clean”. They in turn could transmit their uncleanness to a second person in the meantime and then the process of becoming “clean” would begin for that second one even though a dead body wasn’t touched again! If that second person touched someone……. So these transmissions would be transmitted through what’s called secondary transmissions and then through tertiary transmissions, etc.

I can see the objects of protest evolving until there are a whole string of “connected targets” in the sights of PC. Can one only imagine the chaos if we had to put up in a public way the association of McDonald’s patrons being considered automatically Trump supporters? One day there may be protesters harassing people coming out of McDonald’s for indirectly supporting Trump by eating there! Those kinds of associations are not too far-fetched given the vitriol of paired associations to begin with.

One can ask where does the anger end? Does it keep finding new targets? Associations between things whether secondary or tertiary would provide a wealth of new “protest” elements! What about groups who use Trump’s hotels and other businesses? If a business had a convention in one of Trump’s hotels, does that mean the business should be boycotted?

The PC movement won’t quit—especially if it is developing a “religious” tone. Society needs to resist them and not stop doing things just because they may not approve! And while those on the PC side can waste their time doing whatever they want—1st Amendment and all—the rest of society need to stop cowering just because the PCers associate things in an “unclean” way.

Trump Resolve

Trump Resolve!
This is part of a speech President Trump gave at the U.S. Coast Guard commencement ceremony on the 17th:
“Now, I want to take this opportunity to give you some advice. Over the course of your life, you will find that things are not always fair. You will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve and that are not always warranted. But you have to put your head down and fight, fight, fight. Never, ever, ever give up.”
I’m sure that those anti-Trumpers out there are a bit disheartened—looks like President Trump won’t just “go away”. Maybe this is Trump’s version of Lt. Gen. Lewis ‘Chesty’ Puller, who when surrounded by 10 divisions of Chinese in the Korean War said the following to his marines:
“Those poor bastards,” he said. “They’ve got us right where we want them. We can fire in any direction now!”
“Anonymity” keeps coming up with more and more charges and accusations against Trump and more and more so-called Republicans are pushing him away, and there’s more of this and more of that……but I’ll still put my bet on Trump!
I found the following description of this beetle in an old 1959 science fiction magazine, this part being factual though, and it illustrates how some things can just survive and carry on no matter what comes! I especially love the last line! 
“The beetle “niptus hololeucus”, while it appears to be of a not very common type, seems to be a tougher breed than most. While it isn’t addicted to the diet, it can live on cayenne pepper, ammonium chloride, and quite a broad spectrum of generally non-dietary substances. It is also found, occasionally, inhabiting the corks of the bottles used by entomologists to kill their specimens, living in peaceful coexistence with the cyanide in the bottle.”
Hard to defeat some things!

Cowboy Logic—Liberal Logic

Cowboy Logic
A lot of hoopla about this show (a conservative show as if that could possibly have anything to do with it), and it’s cancellation—a show which I do enjoy myself when I watch it.
Of course Hollywood is primarily liberal and the owners and bosses can cancel what they want, but it does, once again, illustrate something about the Liberal mind!
I recall a song in an album by Michael Martin Murphy, not a big hit but I enjoyed it and it left me with a phrase I have used a number of times.
The title of the song was “Cowboy Logic”!
My favorite part in the song was a “test” which determined “cowboy logic”. It involved three guys, dressed alike as cowboys and sitting together in a pickup. The question was asked about who was the real cowboy, can one tell just by where they were sitting.
The answer was yes it can be determined—the one in the MIDDLE was actually the true cowboy!
He didn’t have to drive… and…he didn’t have to get out and mess with the gate!   That’s Cowboy Logic! 
Now…how can one determine if a Network owner such as the one at ABC has “Liberal logic”?
Well—there is one criteria: nonsense reasoning! Such as canceling, not moving, but canceling their 2nd highest rated comedy–because of business and scheduling!
1. Business— because “Last Man Standing” is their 2nd highest comedy—why would advertisers want to advertise on that show?
2. Scheduling—because in their time slot they have their 2nd highest rated comedy!
Yes—it makes sense—for a Liberal mindset!
The song above has left us with the following phrase about cowboys: “cowboy logic, every cowboy’s got it”
Maybe the cancellation of Last Man Standing will leave us with this comparable phrase: “Liberal logic, every Liberal’s got it”
If anyone doesn’t know about the song, look it up—and enjoy it!

Summer of Love—Not what it was cracked up to be!

Scott McKenzie’s song “San Francisco” served as a prelude to a mass movement to that city in 1967 as the “Summer of Love” was born — a historic celebration of “sex, drugs, and rock’n roll”…and supposedly freedom! The 50th anniversary is coming up and celebrations are being planned—will the mantra of Timothy Leary’s “tune in, turn on, and drop out” become revived and modernized for the young generation of today? Let’s hope not! We are still feeling the effects and consequences of the libertine behavior of that “hippie generation” which has shaped our society in many ways since.
Back then, a social utopia of sorts was practiced by many in which community was emphasized and everyone had everything in common. Relationships was such that “free love” was basically “free sex” and what could be more utopian than that? Except “free” doesn’t always mean “free”! There are moral laws which when violated on a large scale reaps heavy consequences in its wake. One of the major cultural changes was the reinforcement of a  view that marriage was not absolutely necessary for relationships and that a sexual relationship was not just for marriage!  Drugs was a big issue as well, but if one thing contributed more misery than any other—it was the decoupling of marriage and sex!
While all these cultural changes did not occur because of one summer and one migration to one city, it does in a way stand as a symbol of those changes, an exclamation mark of sorts. What is missed are the negatives! For one, women all of a sudden experienced freedom which may not have been up to their expectations. Their role in the “free love”—“free sex” movement was primarily one as “object”. Not a very good foundation for a deep, lasting relationship, one could build a life around. But it was “freedom”—or so it was thought!
Another serious problem and one which is devastating our youth, and adults, even today is the rise of sexual diseases. Many clinics were made available to these masses of youth back then as they stumbled upon an unseen consequence of “free” behavior: Nature didn’t really cooperate! And while penicillin was important during the fifties for some sexual diseases, the rise of new diseases has taxed the ability of society to not only prevent but to treat. Some stats have that up to one-half of the population will have had one sexual disease in their lifetime. Others show around 19.7 million new cases every year….and on and on and on…!
We may also live under the illusion that there is a “safe sex” regimen which will really work—maybe it will for a few, but the only way to “fix” this problem is to return to the kind of relationships which the sixties reacted against—monogamy in a committed marriage relationship! We live in a moral universe and proclamations to the contrary doesn’t change the mileux we exist in, namely, immoral behavior in our world has consequences!
We can look at freedom as coming in two varieties: freedom which is really freedom and, freedom which is enslaving!
The Summer of Love represents the latter!

Healthcare, “Death”, and Liberals

Gotta love the website picture! Add a little fog and one could create an impression of Capitol Hill turning into a kind of Silent Hill, the video game!
But to the liberals: 
I have never heard so much screeching like this even when attending the beach and surrounded by seagulls!
The new mantra for the liberals is the prophetic announcement of “death”! Death! Death to millions— consequences which will  emerge in the wake of a successful passage of the Republicans Healthcare Bill!
Just the way they stand in the public space and pronounce the very words “death” and “die” just makes the soul shudder and causes one to cast a quick glance around wondering if an apocalypse is getting ready to occur even as they speak! No—-not really!
Hypocrites! All of them! And robots as well! Evidently all the liberals got the same playbook and the one rule is to take the words ‘death” and “die” and repeat, repeat,…repeat! They are all a bunch of “Mr. Robotos”, which actually came to my mind after hearing roughly the fourth liberal shout of “death”!
Their screech is perfect James Carville, who uttered the phrase to Andersen Cooper “People are going to die!” referencing the possible effects on the Clinton Foundation which the email  investigation of Hillary was having. I can still remember how he emphasized the letter “d” of die—so strong and emphatic! And so ridiculous sounding!
This liberal emphasis of “death” just amounts to a “tinkling cymbal” in light of their religious devotion to the killing of children in the womb! Why don’t the liberals bewail that catastrophe instead of acting like spoiled children over this healthcare bill! No, instead their all-of-a-sudden great concern for the Public is just shallow and cheap sounding. Oh well—when trapped by a worldview whose main purpose is to ensure the destruction of the unborn in the womb! What can one expect?
And……they seemed to have forgotten their little “takeover” of healthcare under Obama, and which now is disintegrating before our eyes!