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Electoral College

Electoral College
Lawrence Lessig is a political liberal and….the Liberal “stamp” of this article is obvious as well, even if it had been written by someone called ‘Anonymous”! The words of the article are another “cry in the wilderness” whose goal is to void the will of the people who chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. These poor guys can’t come to grips that their politics has been “weighed in the balances and found wanting”!
The latest mantra by the Liberals/Clinton/Loser-Camps is the popular vote. Lo and behold, Hillary has received more of the popular vote and so that becomes the de facto result which, according to this guy, the Electors should abide by. Forget the fact that Trump has won 28 states outright, with the 29th one, Pennsylvania, still not totally official.  So why does this “popular vote” seem to carry extra weight to these folks?
It’s called “sore-loserism”! 
When the electoral map is looked at, Hillary won the West Coast and the upper Northeast, Trump took most of the geographic USA in-between! If that isn’t a mandate for change, I don’t know what is! But Liberals do not care that the American populous really voted in a representative fashion, obviously clear in the way that the victories of Trump were spread around the country.
So how did the popular vote get to this point, that there is now a call for the Electors to vote for Hillary, running counter to the clarity that those electoral victories did signify, which amount to a landslide by Trump? Surely they can’t be serious?! They are!!
But their “enlightened” popular vote argument really doesn’t hold water when analyzed a little deeper. It comes down to 3 states: California, New York, and Illinois. Those 3 states had the most Electoral votes for Hillary,  55, 29, and 20 respectively. That is the main locus of her Electoral strength!
Hillary won Illinois by roughly 850,000 votes, but Trump won Texas by roughly 820,000 votes, so that cancels out Illinois. The other Hillary states can similarly be canceled, but….California and New York are the outliers as far as popular vote is concerned.
Hillary won New York by about 1.5 million votes and California by 3.5 million roughly! Trump for awhile thought New York was possible to win but not California—those states were eventually given up to Hillary by the Trump campaign.
So, there is the “extra” popular vote which some Liberals think should be the primary factor in the Electors doing something extraordinarily reckless! Two states—one on the east Coast and the other on the West Coast. For those two states the brilliant victory by Trump should be annulled! How ridiculous this idea is when considering even my basic analysis of votes!
But here again, we see the arrogance and ignorance and blindness of the Liberal worldview! Out of touch with much in the mainstream, most of the country actually. Also, they don’t care, they want power and they want control!
To Lessig and any fellow sympathetic liberals, we say: “Not today!”. Wake up to the fact of a Trump Administration!
(Addendum: I left out the condescension Lessig leveled against those who voted for Trump and the implicit insults contained therein! But maybe another day for that!)  
Electoral map

Trump and Climate Change

Good article defending Trump from guess who?…..the Liberal Press!

Point 1: The Press is unredeemable, Trump needs to fashion a doctrine of minimal contact with the Liberal side of the Press and speak only to those who are fair.

Point 2: Climate models are extremely complex and subject to much debate—there really is no certainty in the Liberals’ claims to this being settled science—it really is political. Some noteworthy quotes from important scientists are referenced in this article.

Point 3: From this article it is clear the climate-changers don’t like to be challenged and think they have the upper hand on the science—that actually is bad for a scientist to feel that way, after all, science claims it is supposed to be open to facts, except in this debate, when it may contradict their already solidified belief that man has contributed heavily to climate change.

Point 4: Trump should exercise the carpenter’s mantra: “measure twice, cut once”! Too much damage could be done if the climate change bandwagon is pursued the way these liberals want! Don’t make any sudden moves!


I know what this is…….it is RAMA! (Kidding of course!)

“Rendezvous With Rama” was a sci-fi novel by Arthur C. Clarke, written in 1973. A 30 mile long, cylindrical object, an alien craft, it entered the Solar System for awhile and eventually exited around the sun.

Earth astronauts rendezvous with it and explored its interior. One of the interesting things about the book was the idea of “reference frames”. There was no real north-south and east-west directions like we have on Earth. The sense of an “up” and “down” was also a problem in this “world” of Rama.

As the astronauts navigated the interior, one of the things they had to do was construct an arbitrary set of directions and make themselves think in those terms. That gave a sense of the everyday directional cues we take for granted in in our everyday movements. For me personally, that was the most interesting “minor” aspect of the story!

I read this as a teenager and reread it in middle-age. Did the author intend a “moral” aspect to some of this? I don’t know, but reading it now as opposed to my teenage years, that sense of disorientation which comes from the “directionless” environment, reminded me a bit of our society and its “moral” compass being lost. Our society is broken in many ways and the moral compass we once had through a Christian-oriented foundation, is eroded to the point of being just an artifact of the past.

Society’s problem is that true hope and meaning and purpose ultimately can only be gained by a relationship with God through Christ. Through Him that moral compass we have lost as a society can be reacquired! Christ is just waiting!

Mystery as UFO hunter posts images of huge spherical object in front of the Sun that was captured by NASA cameras credit: Pamela Johnson/NASA
Mystery as UFO hunter posts images of huge spherical object in front of the Sun that was captured by NASA cameras credit: Pamela Johnson/NASA


Apostle Paul and Liberals

Liberal Worldview and the Apostle Paul

The fall of the liberal worldview, because of Donald trump’s destruction of Hillary Clinton, can be still heard. It won’t go quietly into the night as the salvage operation of their pitiful worldview continues.

I should have known better, but I flipped through the news sites last night and caught a bit of Rachel Maddow—a pitiful display of commentary ensued—and after a few moments I had to depart!

Her main points were attempts to revive the old “Republicans = support of the KKK” mumbo-jumbo, even going back to Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms early days, trying to establish some kind of historical continuity with the KKK up to the present day.

Is this the best the liberals can do? On CNN a few days after the election, commentator Van Jones called the election results a “white lash”—obviously racist (using their own definitions). Belligerent, lecturing, overbearing, he made himself look ridiculous.

Not much looking into the mirror for this bunch, not much philosophical reflection for this bunch, not much reflexive thinking about where they could be mistaken, but plenty of comments for the other side.

It reminded me last night after Maddow’s sad KKK display, that the liberals are going through what the Politburo of the former USSR went through when their experiment in communism came crashing down! That sound was heard and felt throughout the world and still is today! The communist worldview was so clear and exact that capitalism was such a threat to humanity, that the collapse of that very system which was supposed to lead the world to a better era, was absolutely Earth-shattering! How could communism be rejected when it was the correct view of things?

The poor liberal worldview—it was going to be what we needed whether we realized it or not! And they were going to force it upon us whether we wanted it or not! And that is because their little cabal had their own version of what life should be and any impediment, whether historical, religious wise or whatever, was by definition wrong, if it went against what “they” said!

They were wrong!

Now they are scrambling, looking for something to latch onto to gain a sense of hope for the future! Reminds me of the Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts Chp. 27. Heading to Rome on a ship, it encountered a storm and had to be beached. They had to make it to shore on their own, and the description of their attempts to gain land was this:

Paul commanded that “…they which could swim should cast themselves first into the sea, and get to land: And (then) the rest, some on boards, and some on broken pieces of the ship.”

So are the liberals attempts to regroup, they will grab at anything to survive. Their ship went down and all they have are small pieces to latch onto. Those pieces are sexism, racism, and whatever-else-ism.

Their worldview is shattered—their attitude is pathetic and pitiful—they can’t believe what happened—I don’t feel sorry for them in the least—but they can still change if they will look in a different direction for Truth—we’ll see on that last point!


Barbed Wire and a Doughboy

Barbed Wire and a Doughboy
Barbed wire seems like a relatively insignificant instrument or tool to be interesting but its history is tied in with many important events in history. Many books have been written about barbed wire and the wire itself has entered into the consciousness of society in a number of ways, maybe unnoticed by many, but still evident! The Art world especially has utilized this simple, multi-stranded woven wire, with a sharp barb inserted at regular intervals, in many of its works. These artistic works reflect some of the negative effects of the wire due to its uses in history.
paul-nashPaul Nash “Wire”
I have read three books highlighting barbed wire: “Barbed Wire” by Reviel Netz; “The Devil’s Rope” by Alan Krell; and “The Wire That Fenced the West” by Henry D. and Francis T. McCallum. These books chronicle the history of barbed wire from its invention in 1874 on the American Great Plains to our present day, in which this wire is still used around the world, on ranches, as borders surrounding jails and prisons, and some businesses as well. Although the permutations of design include such things as razor wire and coiled varieties, basically this is still the barbed wire lineage.
A simple instrument and device and yet it has been seared into humanity’s conscience as a larger than life object because of its instrumentality in many human actions—some innocuous (maybe not from the  animal’s viewpoint) and others nefarious (because of its use against Man) and still others neutral (probably a debatable category )!
Barbed wire was invented with the intention of controlling the movements of cattle. While cattle could be controlled fairly well, but not totally, and so an easier method had to be developed to take care of these shortcomings. Barbed wire was used to prevent cattle migration and it established a physical border boundary for the cows. Texas and Oklahoma were two states in which the prevention of movement from North to South was of paramount importance. Greener pastures is what these cows moved around for and it was a headache on ranchers to stop.Since it was difficult for ranchers to always keep track of their cattle, barbed wire fences did that for them.
It wasn’t long before the uses of barbed wire extended to other areas, in particular, in the control of humans! One particular use for this was in the Boer War of 1899, the war involving Great Britain and the lands called Transvaal and Orange Free State, lands eventually forming South Africa some years later. There were a number of military strategies involved here but one in particular involved barbed wire. The lands were wide open and vast, hard to control from Britain’s perspective. The Boers  knew the land and eventually fought the British forces in a guerrilla warfare mode, very difficult for the British soldiers to compete against. Eventually the British used barbed wire to systematically mark the land into grids and sections in which they could trap many of the Boers. Hundreds of miles of wire was used with various fortifications placed at strategic locations. These marked out “barbed” boundaries represented enough of a physical impediment to the Boers’ efforts that the British was able to counteract the guerrilla tactics and eventually won.
A second important use of barbed wire occurred during WW1. As the war began, the Western Front was quickly stalemated with the prodigious amount of trenches each side had made for defense. Literally a boundary, nearly impossible to cross due to withering machine gun fire by each side against those who tried to engage the enemy in a charge. If a charge was tried and soldiers did make it to the other side, rows of barbed wire waited them which slowed their progress tremendously. Many casualties occurred from the wiry mesh and the images of brave soldiers dying, held up by wire, produced ghoulish remembrances through art and literature after the war. That area between the trenches was called “No Mans Land” where one estimate claims a million miles of barbed wire was used! 
Probably the most evil event of the 20th century was the Holocaust and the killing of millions of Jews in concentration camps. Their ability to do this was due in large part to control. The Germans were able to control large groups of people through the use of barbed wire enclosures. There are many pictures illustrating the Jews in these camps with the various configurations of barbed wire an obvious feature.
How does a basic object become such an object of memory such that it plays a key role in poetry, fiction, and paintings? I don’t have an answer to that, but for me, when I see or read the phrase “barbed wire”, I think of WWI. Some years ago I read a book “The Great War and Modern Memory”, by Paul Fussell, voted one of the top 100 non-fiction books of the 20th century. It delivered an intellectual and emotional jolt which I still can sense today even though I read it many years ago. Through that important book and some others about WW1, “barbed wire” now always reminds me of that “Great War”.
Sometime after reading that book I examined a certain monument in one of our town’s cemetery, which was dedicated to the WW1 “doughboy”. A “doughboy” referred to some of the infantry soldiers from the US who fought in Europe. The monument has been there my whole life and I never noticed the details of it before Fussell’s book. The trench warfare landscape was one of mud, stumps of destroyed forests, and barbed wire. When I examined the monument more closely, I saw all those symbols represented at its base: mud, stumps, and barbed wire. That monument was made in the 1920’s and reflected the true sense of what it meant to fight under those conditions! 
A simple thing—barbed wire! Or maybe it isn’t!

A Poem “Quiet Path”

A Poem
Quiet Path
Through a path in the woods one morning was tred
Ground sparkled with light from the sun overhead.
Light rustle from the leaves moved by a breeze from the sky
Memories of past times moved ‘cross mind’s eye.
As the wind sift the leaves, so memories sift’d the thoughts
Remembering one’s walk, reliving actions once wrought.
Looking forward at each step, traveling ‘long foliaged route
Looking backward in the mind, relive gold’n age of youth.
Through a path in the woods two journeys were joined
Two visions now merged, past and present became one!
Ray Landon