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Executive Disorder

Absolutely unbelievable!!

Here’s how our Federal Government has evolved the last 8 years:

1. The Executive Branch is an entity unto itself—no oversight, ignores Congress, does what it wants, with no accountability!

2. The Supreme Court acts like the Legislature as it dictates how society must act—and sometimes at the behest of the Executive. Remember Obama’s chastising of them over Obamacare and Roberts subsequent justification of Obamacare as basically a “tax” and thus legitimate.

3. And then there is poor Congress, the Legislative Branch—who in the world knows what power they have anymore—the Court ignores them and the Executive ignores them. They get the brunt of negative reviews due to their gridlock and their standing among the Branches is practically a nominal one only!

There’s a pattern here though! The one Branch which really is closest to the People and really influenced by people the most is the Legislative—and that is the Branch which is now the weakest! Makes one think that Government of, by, and for, the people has been basically rewritten ! Now it is Government of, by, and for, a few people, namely those Aristocrats, those power hungry and amoral Liberals.

Any builder knows that structures need all the forces present to be balanced, and then the structure will remain stable and stand—disturb that balance and eventually some external action will easily bring it crashing down!

We are heading for a crash and the more the People’s Branch, the Legislative, is severed from the other two, then all of us will be controlled by a few—there is no good predictive future for that scenario!, especially when it will be the Leftist worldview being forced down our throats.

US attorney general, Loretta E. Lynch attends a conference on organised crime in Rome, Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)

A Poem

A Poem

The terminus of day, give’d over to moon’s embrace.
Diurn’ life seeks repose, a shelter from foes of night.
Birds flee encroachin’ gloom, searching for foliaged pillow.
A Rooster nestles in cedar, far above darkness’ woes!
Deer now brave open fields, for sustenance to secure.
Others roam their varied course, their “day” emerge neath stars.
The “Greater” light now dimmed, the nocturnal path unfolds.
Two worlds lay parallel, one begins and one ends!

Ray Landon


Going Over a Cliff

Going Over a Cliff
Wikileaks has done one thing if nothing else—it may have provided a window for individuals to assess their futures within the Party presently affiliated with. I am speaking mainly about the Catholic community and the Black community. Long endeared to the Democratic Party, this election has now become an opportunity for some reflexive thinking by these groups!
With the email revelations of the conversations between Jennifer Palmieri and John Halpin mocking the Catholic faith and also the Evangelical community, it is clear that the Clinton regime (and really the whole Democratic Party establishment) has finally been exposed for their religious hypocrisy. While Hillary has nominally supported Christianity, her actions has always told a different story! And now it has been brought clearly into the light! While some will try to create “space” between her and Palmieri about this—the buck stops with Hillary, these are her people and really, not many people believe religious liberty will be safe if she is elected!
This election has seen the Black community confronted with the facts that the Democratic Party has continually failed them and that many of the ills associated with some of these communities has only worsened under Democrat mayors, etc. and even under a black Democratic President! Will they now look for a way out? It is unclear but it does make one wonder that if they do not change their thinking now, the Black community will soon be lost and forgotten, left to their own devices in which a slow, social disintegration will continue!
The Catholic community now have their opportunity to seek a better ground for practicing their beliefs and while those Catholics who have accepted abortion and homosexuality marriage and such, probably want Hillary for the continuation and reinforcement of those positions, other Catholics, who believe that Government should play a larger role in society and hence vote Democratic, should now realize that staying with this Democratic Party may indeed help the Government to continue to insert itself more into society’s problems, as they may desire, but may also at the same time undermine their whole religious practice! They should be suspect anyhow due to the abortion controversies pertaining to Catholic hospitals and Obamacare! A question they should ask themselves as they look into a mirror is this: “Can Hillary really be trusted?”
This nation is on a precipice, either we will pull back or continue over a cliff. The Catholics and Black community have already been going over a cliff with the Democratic Party, maybe now they can see it and change course. The rest of us, if Hillary is elected, will being carried along with the secularistic, immoral worldview of the top Liberal Democrats and who knows what the bottom will look like when we hit it—but hit it we will!!
I like cliffhangers on TV, but not in real life, especially when the nation is on the line!

The Fifth Branch

The Fifth Branch
We are all aware that our Federal Government is composed of three equal Branches which are responsible for certain spheres of governing. Besides their own sphere, their other duty is one of balance and checks to the other Branches!
We may argue that the Judicial Branch has somehow found a way to be more influential but in theory there is supposed to be a coequal aspect to these branches.
As time has gone on the supposed existence of a kind of “shadow government” has been posited, which, of course, is hard to prove, yet…it is not a stretch of the imagination to suppose that a small cabal of influential individuals are exerting more influence that allowed. by the Constitution. But that is for conspiracy theory musings!
Here in the last few years, though, I would theorize that a 4th Branch has arisen  (in a real way) and in a kind of de facto manner and which unfortunately has leftist/liberal leanings. We are experiencing that “4th Branch” now in this election, and the veil has been pulled back on this Branch and without a doubt the mainstream Press, with few exceptions (Fox for one) acts like this new Branch of government, and, is doing all it can to elect Hillary! Maybe we will begin to realize how much power the Press can have and find a way to correct it! 
But lo and behold, we have heard that truth is stranger than fiction, and so there may be a 5th branch which has arisen and will do the honors of keeping literally everything else in balance—and I am talking about Wikileaks!
Unfortunately our Government has failed us so much that I wonder if there aren’t two nations existing side by side—the Federal Government with all its tentacles and then the rest of us citizens, fending for ourselves in a lot of ways it seems. We are seeing the corruption and deceptions associated with our so-called leaders and  if Wikileaks does anything, it should cause a reaction against all this insidious corruption and deception in the quest for power.
I have said it before and it is a bit of a shame—but I am glad for Wikileaks in this case! And while care has to be taken to ensure individuals are not put in harm’s way, maybe we needed these revelations to give the citizenry a really clear look at some of our leaders! Sometimes when the light is turned on in the kitchen, the cockroaches are exposed….and they flee!
It remains to be seen whether the majority of Americans learn from these revelations…the right lessons that is!
Keep em coming Wikileaks!  

Illegals and Obamacare

This is what happens when a legislative Bill is not checked for content until after it is passed, as Pelosi stated!
This is what happens when liberals with their pie-in-the-sky we-must-give-a-living-to-everyone mentality (which garners votes for the future, etc.) have control over the Congress!
This is what happens when a man with a dictator-like complex, along with a disdain for those who he disagrees with, gets into office and wants to change things to a Leftist world!
This is why Rep. Joe Wilson, at a Presidential address yelled “you lie” at Obama’s assertion that illegal immigrants would not be covered by Obamacare! He was castigated for that and although technically it was out of line given the decorum of such meetings, he was right! And here we are!
This is why Hillary Clinton has to be defeated or the damage will be irreparable!


The article lists 35 so-called “dumb” expressions which supposedly contribute to a “widening” of the diversity gap if used. Students are supposed to allow the list to speak to their biases and prejudices. Uh hum—didn’t realize human psychology was so simplistic!
The thing is—I can justify using either one of these phrases in the proper context. And sure some things can come across as mean-spirited or whatever, but any speech can do that! So compiling a list such as this will only limit the amount of phrases available for discourse and…..will be a smaller pool for the next list to be chosen from–and on and on it will go!
The implicit inference behind this stupidity, because that is what it is, is that diversity is somehow a Holy Grail of human interaction. But a little thinking will show that the push for diversity is actually sexist and racist when those groups are desired! In order to create a group which supposedly count as “diverse”, an actual judgment has to be made based on sex or race! And besides that, when a group may have only a finite amount allowed, some will be rejected—on the basis of their sex and race! So diversity seekers may be the most sexist and racist people around!
These codes keep coming up from various groups and eventually I suspect a concerted effort will be initiated to create a homogeneous code which will be useful for the whole of society, students and grownups. Right now it is somewhat disconnected but that is what we are evolving towards. And if the power of the government can “back” it somehow, remember the Redskins logo and its loss of trademark, then PC’s tentacles will really become a burdensome entity!
Again, I have mentioned Orwell’s “1984” before and it is having more and more validity as a predictive dystopian futurecast for this nation! He was speaking about totalitarianism and its characteristics and so when totalitarian impulses begin to infect a nation, then those totalitarian characteristics begin to emerge. His insights were very insightful! 
PC relates to the invented language Orwell’s society made up to control the masses—“newspeak” and violations of the speech allowed were called “thought crimes”!
We as a society better reject this before we become painted into a corner and are left with few options!

The Designer

The Designer
In the book “Emile” by Rousseau, an eloquent argument is made about the universe and its evidence of “design”. Though Rousseau was a Deist and didn’t give much place to Christianity, he did feel the need to express the thought that nature and creation was too complex not to have been “designed” by someone. Those who challenge the modern day Creationist or Intelligent Design movement as being without reason and somehow anti-science should understand that the idea of a God behind everything is not a challenge to “reason” and makes perfect sense given the absolute complexity all around us—and it is not a new argument! Many who give themselves room to contemplate Creation without pressure from modern evolutionary science “sense” that something must be behind everything. It really takes a determined “will” to go against that “sense” people have about how we came to be!

A few of Rousseau’s quotes follow:

1. “Unless the eyes are blinded by prejudices, can they fail to see that the visible order of the universe proclaims a supreme intelligence?”

2. “…yet if any one told me that printed characters scattered broadcast had produced the Aeneid all complete, I would not condescend to take a single step to verify this falsehood. You will tell me I am forgetting the multitude of attempts. But how many such attempts must I assume to bring the combination within the bounds of probability? For my own part the only possible assumption is that the chances are infinity to one that the product is not the work of chance.”

3. “It is not in my power to believe that passive and dead matter can have brought forth living and feeling beings, that blind chance has brought forth intelligent beings, that that which does not think has brought forth thinking beings.”

4. “I believe, therefore, that the world is governed by a wise and powerful will; I see it or rather I feel it, and it is a great thing to know this.”

5. “This being who wills and can perform his will, this being active through his own power, this being, whoever he may be, who moves the universe and orders all things, is what I call God. ”

And this from someone who doesn’t hold the tenets of the Christian faith, having given up on that some time earlier in his life, yet at the same time senses that existence can’t be reduced to its constituent atoms and that something other than a materialistic reductionism is needed to account for life! Though his parameters of what kind of a Creator has designed this world may not be exactly as the Bible declares, his positing of an existence of a Creator is!

Christians face another criticism through the inference in Genesis chp. 1-3 that this universe is made for mankind exclusively! Evolutionary theory positions mankind as just another organism, a small, insignificant one, dwelling in a vastness of time and space and having no more intrinsic value than some microbe that may inhabit another world! Accusations of arrogance are easily leveled at the Christian for the bold assertion that mankind IS the center of this universe! That “center” may not be geographic but it is spiritually! Christians understand that the Creation was “spoken” into existence by His Word and that the universe to God is a minor thing. To Christians it is a continual testament to the glory of God and His amazing wisdom in what He has made!

The ultimate act which places mankind in a different and more important position than this universe, concerns the redemption of Christ. Christ came to die, not for the Creation but for mankind! He took on human nature and died in our place so that we can obtain forgiveness and have fellowship restored with God! While Creation will be incidentally affected some time in the future, the new heaven and earth, the main concern for God is Man! And in Genesis the only life which was created in His image was Man! So as far as God is concerned, the soul of each individual person is far more weightier than all the particles of the universe together!

This explains how evolutionary scientists can behold the vastness of the universe and feel insignificant and small, because in their worldview mankind is really nothing! Christians can behold the universe and its vastness and be amazed, and know, that God sees each of us individually and knows about all of us, even in the midst of such great magnitude!

So Christians believe in a “designer” just like Rousseau, but we believe in a Designer who also loved us and died for us and lives within our hearts—Rousseau got a part of the truth right, but in the end he did what too many have done—missed the important part!



AMAZING the dayspring when emerged to sight,
God’s love spread abroad by the Son’s might.

Darkness of the mind been cast afar,
Glimpse of God’s love from past farthest star.

Illumination of Truth comes to the heart,
Born again from Heaven now a new start.

Walking in the night is now past,
Name in Book of Life for eternity cast.

The soul touched from a heavenly place,
Life now turned to a new race.

The soul touched from a heavenly place,
Message to Man, this all from God’s GRACE!

Ray Landon