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No Middle

In the religious war taking place in our country, the battle lines are drawn the most severely along sexual morality issues. With the homosexual marriage decision, a significant pressure was placed upon the Christian community. Defying history and common sense, a foreign way of life has been forced upon Americans to accept, especially ChristIans, with the added responsibility of acquiescing to all its demands regardless of personal religious principles.

Now with the LGBT community sensing potentially major political favor for their groups, they will pursue all their own ends to achieve total recognition at every level. This article mentions that there is no middle ground, neutrality will only be a temporary space to inhabit, but that will soon be challenged as well! That synopsis by the writer makes sense due to the spiritual nature of the issues involved.

In Romans 1, the degeneration of Mankind following the rejection from Eden, is chronicled. Upon the initial rejection of God, He “stepped back” and Mankind was “given over” to sexual immorality on a large scale. Following more rejection, Mankind was turned over to a deeper depravity, which involved homosexuality. The continuation of that rejection resulted in Mankind developing a “reprobate” mind.

This historical evolution can be seen repeated, albeit on a small scale, in this country beginning with the very public rejection of God in a number of Supreme Court cases. Our consciousness towards God changed then! What followed was the Sexual Revolution, and then the homosexual push for more rights culminating in the Gay Marriage decision. The “reprobate” mind awaits us—what our society will be characterized then may be alarming to think about, but I think the contours of that is beginning to show. The LGBT political push can be seen as a corollary to the homosexual rights movement!

The net result of this for our country, and eventually the world, is that a spiritual war is growing in strength and fervor, fought in the Public sphere. Samuel Huntington in the 1990s wrote a book called “The Clash of Civilizations” in which he envisaged a clash between the West and Islam. There is another “Clash” taking place, on a spiritual level, and it is between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light! No middle ground!

The evolving consequences of this battle regarding our society is that the LGBT community will probably get more rights and Christians less! Christianity and these sexual practices are mutually exclusive, (at least to those who actually believe the Bible’s view of these things)! The legal/political apparatus of our nation has set up a scenario in which neutral ground will be impossible to find. The pressure on Christians will get even more dramatic as we are coerced into acceptance!

We are truly reaching the place of Joshua in which we will have to choose, either society and its practices or God!



Freedom? of the Press

Freedom? Of the Press

Freedom of the Press entails the ability to publish content free from Government intervention and censorship! One of their evolving roles since the First Amendment was enshrined in our Bill of Rights, is the role of “watchdog” over government matters, the responsibility to keep us, the public informed of their activities, the Public has a “right-to-know” kind of thing.

They are also supposed to be free from bias when these kinds of reporting are pursued! Maybe they are, but with reporters being disproportionately liberal, many suspect nonbias is only a thought but not a deed! The Press is good at creating rules and presenting them as if contained in the Bill of Rights itself. One action the Press does is create the impression that they are the ones in charge and that questions can only come from them as they seek information! Questioning them about something, such as sources, why a particular question is not asked to others, etc, and their response is something similar to, “we are the ones asking the questions, it’s our job”. How often I have seen the one interviewed acquiesce!

Not Donald Trump!

One of the more refreshing things this election season is the demolition of the Press by his ability to control things! Others need to absorb that ability. Has he paid a price? Yes! Since it has been him and Hillary, if there ever was a legitimate charge of bias of the Press, it is now! CNN is especially noxious when it comes to besmirching Trump!

And this tweet of Trump being “reworked” for a particular outcome more favorable to Clinton is atrocious! It is only one word but the bottom line is that leaving out words is not their job! Or maybe they feel the need to help Clinton however they can! It looks like it!

I seem to recall Candy Crowley of CNN, as moderator of a Obama-Romney debate, inserting herself in the most inappropriate manner!

Liberals are “devalued” in their worldview, with the result that while nonbias may be something they try hard to achieve, when certain stakes are too high, their real motives can’t help but come out! Trump has made the stakes high for them and has forced the Liberal Press to take sides!

Small acts may be symbolic of big things—I believe that is true here as well!

Only one word! But it amounts to volumes!

Trump’s quote: “I think that both candidates, Crooked Hillary and myself, should release detailed medical records. I have no problem in doing so! Hillary?”

image CNN’s quote

Troy, Teddy, Trump


The Greeks pretended to sail away from Troy, but left them a gift outside their gate—a nice wooden horse! Hidden inside were some of the Greeks best men, who upon being let into the gates of Troy, would subdue the city for Greece! But it didn’t have to be, they were nearly caught if the Trojans had listened and opened their eyes!

Laocoon, a priest of Troy, sees this “gift” and immediately becomes suspicious because he said “Do you think that any gifts of the Greeks are free from treachery”. He understood the deception at work and also said “Men of Troy, trust not the horse. Whatever it be, I fear the Greeks, even when bringing gifts”. At that point he hurled his great spear at the side of the horse and frame, and the “spear stood quivering and with the cavity’s reverberation the vaults rang hollow”. Right then , the hollow aspect of the horse should have been been noticed and upon investigation, the plot could have been foiled! It wasn’t!

Teddy Roosevelt

Rossevelt did not like Mohammedans, Muslims who followed Mohammed. He was glad that the armies of Europe were able to turn back the Muslim armies centuries ago, or we would have been Mohammedans ourselves and Christianity would have been probably exterminated! Roosevelt also didn’t like the excess of Chinese and Japanese immigrants and worked to limit the number of those as well. Roosevelt would have felt the wrath of the PC culture in many ways, he would have enjoyed it as well!

Daniel Ruddy has written a book about Roosevelt called “Theodore the Great: Conservative Crusader”. Gotta love the “Crusader” part! I am getting the book myself. The above paragraph was from an article he wrote comparing Trump to parts of Roosevelt. Though he says they were very different on many things, Roosevelt would probably have agreed with Trump on  the Wall and his Muslim immigration plans! Roosevelt himself said that he wanted people of “low moral tendency” and “unsavory reputation” kept out of the country! Hmmm! Very Trump-like! There can be distinctions and nuance regarding immigration—after all, immigrating to this country is a privilege, not a right!


Trump has received much wrath over his immigration plans, whether about the Mexican border or immigrant Muslims from various countries. But history backs him up regarding the care that must be entertained at times, especially when the welfare of the nation is threatened. Trump sees that, he may not have the eloquence of a “scalpel” but maybe the bluntness of a “broadsword” is what we need today! The Wall is seems to me  right conceptually, it is a valid thing. My worry is the Muslim immigration, not so much that we shouldn’t allow any, but we need to screen for terrorists, in a more slow and deliberate manner, and, theTrojan Horse I see, is the Sharia law part. Trump wants those who are devoted to Sharia law to stay out! I agree! And I think Roosevelt would too!

We know what is happening to Europe! A nightmare nearly impossible to disentangle from.   With all the idiots in this country, we would probably make sanctuary cities for those who want to practice Sharia and not abide by the Constitution—I wouldn’t put nothing past our Liberal fanatics!

So history teaches us things (even if the Horse wasn’t real, it’s conceptual lessons are still valid). Maybe we have a Laocoon here today, who has thrown the spear into the side of the horse, with the hollowness inside echoing all around us— a hint to beware! The jury is still out on whether we will listen!





A Poem

A Poem


Looking up and beyond, sprinkled with light,
Panorama imbued, pure starry night.

Zodiac filled with acts, dramas unfold,
Stories of ancient lore, gaze and behold.

The Ram with Golden Fleece, Jason pursued,
Taurus the Bull’s new Spring, beginnings renewed.

‘Side Castor and Pollux, the nighttime twins,
The Crab, second of twelve, Hercules wins.

Leo’s damsels distressed, Virgo fled Earth,
The Scales side with justice, the Goat Zeus nurt’d,

Centaur half-man half-beast, Pisces the fish,
Aquarius brought hope, it’s Age just wish!

Scorpio helped Leto, Orion’s stilled,
These stories of the Twelve, each night be thrilled.

A few others include, guests so bright.
The “Wanderers” they be, reflects Sun’s might.

Imaginings unfold, pure starry night,
Above us playing out, sprinkled with light.

by Ray Landon

It’s Boy (not girl) Scouts

Don’t have much to say about this but a couple of things, Christina Hoff Summers wrote a book around 2000 called “The War Against Boys”!

It continues!

Newsflash to society: It really is alright for boys to have something to do without the interference of girls,  yes—interference!

Newsflash to the Boy Scouts: You kowtowed to the homosexual lobby and it has affected you, final tally on that wil be in the future! Don’t kowtow to feminism. There is nothing wrong with girls wanting to do something like this, but it is alright to say “No”.

Take a stand for boys if you dare! Maybe try that in this case!



Another Road Leading to Abortion

In 1962 and 1972, when the two main Supreme Court cases allowed contraception to be made available, first  to married women and then to non-married, the sexual revolution was encouraged by the first case and made stronger by the second case, since pregnancy was a major deterrent to casual sex practices. Later no-fault divorce, begun in California in 1969, made it easier for women, in particular, to get out of marriage and to pursue other partners without fear of pregnancy, but the apex of the sexual revolution wasn’t reached until Roe v. Wade in 1973. Birth control wasn’t foolproof so there was an outside chance that an unwanted pregnancy could occur and now that could be taken care of legally. While there may have been some restrictions, the sexual revolution was now self-sustaining, all kinds of behaviors could be pursued with minimal loss of control. Only disease is left and that will be impossible to contain fully!

Abortion has become the continuing symbol of freedom for women and for the Democratic Party, it would have the effect as Christians finding the bones of Christ, totally devastating, IF abortion was ever overturned! Abortion has become not only a symbol of women’s emancipation in a sense, but also a tool to help shape the future.

The videos about Planned Parenthood disgustingly portrayed the dark side of the abortion factories—the selling of baby parts. Even if there was no sales involved, seeing those images, for most people, makes it impossible to justify the supposedly good ends those body parts were destined for. Clearly all they were doing was trading one life for another—an asymmetrical transaction since the baby had no choice in the matter or was able to even protest! Population control is another use, there is still much debate about the significance of many abortion clinics being placed in poverty stricken black neighborhoods. But with the legacy of Margaret Sanger, who embraced eugenics for the purpose of cleansing society, blacks were considered inferior to her and had to be eliminated. Abortion was one way—so no coincidence abortion clinics were put in these neighborhoods!

Now with world travel and so many countries and organization intertwined in so many ways, abortionists have a lot of opportunities for spreading their culture of death to other countries, especially poor countries. It is a form of population control there as well, many of these places are poverty stricken and dense populations make solving social problems even harder. And these groups piggyback on others quite often to “sneak in” and do their destruction in whatever country they can enter. The fact that they may sometimes perform services similar to those groups who oppose abortion, does not cancel the evil which is perpetrated when abortion is finally instigated. And with abortion such an easy fix in so many circumstances, I question whether these abortion groups really put their heart into non-abortion services.

So it is disappointing when another US law which is supposed to help mothers and their maternity problems is enacted, to find that it is being enabled and supported  by pro-abortion groups. How does that slip by? Is it on purpose to keep those facts hidden? I would say yes, because for these abortion groups and supporters: “Everything is about abortion!” (My quotes). It is nearly a religion akin to Christians view of the redemption of mankind by CHRIST, there is nothing without that as a basis. Many of these groups feel that way about abortion! These groups may go under the guise of basic support services for mothers but make no mistake, abortion is in the back of their minds!

Death is opposed to Life! The Culture of Death is opposed to the Culture of Life! Abortion not only represents various things to the sexual revolution and the so-called freedom gained, but it is the  ultimate “shake-our-fist-in-the-face-of-God” action possible! God created life at the beginning, our nation enshrined the right to oppose God by allowing abortion. That life which follows after Adam and Eve is now created in the womb. And we have the nerve to  enter that Holy domain, where ultimate innocence is being nurtured, the most vulnerable of all human beings, and slaughter them!

That is the Culture of Death, and that is what is being exported to other countries through this law. I wonder if Republicans and pro-life Democrats have the nerve to fix it.

The Culture of Death is ultimately driven by sin, that tendency and impulse to oppose God, that is the source. It may not be able to be removed from an except by Divine help, but it can be controlled—it is about time we do that with these abortion groups!


Update on “For the Sign Says….”

Update on previous post about NC bathroom law!

Judges once again invalidating the will of the people. The embrace of deviancy once again becoming a mandate on the public’s conscience. These judges won’t be satisfied until every abnormal behavior is raised to a legitimacy with what use to be the basic male/female binary! But judicially claiming a right for someone does not make a “right” as far as nature is concerned. But we live in an age so absorbed by fear of offending that we have lost the ability to discern appropriate modes of living! But we will be guaranteed one thing—these “forced” recognitions of deviancy will eventually erode more and more of our moral conscience, and at some point others will extrapolate this “freedom” to act against the norms in a way which will be devastating to society! There is no end to this—it will continue to evolve as the imaginations of humanity continue to be interpreted as a valid mode of existence! And our judges will have been the ones to clear the road for it to occur! Ah, the characteristics of a lost society is all around us! Blind leading the blind!


“For the sign says……”

The new bathroom signs at the University of North Carolina are now not inclusive enough—and the article says the students are hopping mad! I personally would like to see that, it would be comical! Nothing like the sound of PCers bemoaning the breakdown of the world because one of their pet ideas have been tampered with. After all diversity is the panacea of the world, guaranteed to cure all social evils, and gender diversity is something which will create a literal heaven on earth! That is how they act!

UNC is complying with State law which requires all bathrooms have to comply with the biological sex. In other words male and female can’t share same bathrooms. That has been the controversy in North Carolina for awhile now. Single user bathrooms can still be designated gender-neutral since it is only one person at a time in those facilities.

Theae students are now crying discrimination (of course!), because students are forced to use bathroms opposite their “gender”! A quote from another article:

“It’s framed in a way where UNC looks like they’re saying either trans people don’t exist or trans people don’t have our support,” Lewis said. “It makes me feel like I don’t have safe spaces on campus and don’t have the support of the University.”

Reading that quote should make most Americans queasy—not because some major discriminatory a that’s been accomplished, but because these students may be our future leaders! Leaving aside the fact that “trans” as a separate category has its own debate, but a bathroom as a safe space?! Where is Monty Python’s Flying Circus? They would love this!

Is our educational system falling apart for many Americans? In large measure I would say yes if this is what they are absorbing! Bravo to those who take education seriously and ignore all this hogwash and take classes which will truly prepare them for today’s world—those are the ones we want for our leaders. The problem is that this PC mess is like a cancer growing and spreading, if not stopped academic death will occur for our educational system. And then what?

In 1971 a song was released by the Five Man Electrical Band called “Signs”. This song reminds us of how things change. It was a kind of protest song—it protested the amount signs, especially those which told you what to do or not do, such as “No Trespassing” etc. Now students want more signs, especially those which will validate their whims and desires.

It’s funny—how do we get to a place in which the sign of a bathroom, the way it is written, can be a determiner of a “safe place” for students regarding their gender? Something is wrong!

LGBT Activists Furious At UNC For Making Male Students Use Men’s Bathrooms




Freedom’s Orphans

Freedom’s Orphans

In the book “Freedom’s Orphans: Comtemporary Liberalism and the Fate of American Children”, David Tubbs makes a case that freedom comes in two varieties, negative and positive. Negative freedom is characterized as “freedom as unhindered choice” and positive freedom is characterized as “self-control freedom”. In Negative freedom you are left alone and positive freedom involves laws restricting certain things so a better freedom can be produced. Negative freedom is what society has seemed to embrace and he argues that the Supreme Court has basically utilized that type of freedom in many of its opinions.

The problem is that these changes and positions have been related to adult lives and not children and that in the process of allowing more adult freedom in many areas the result is that young children have been exposed in different ways to these adult things as well, and those things have become detrimental to their growth and well-being. He analyzes some Court cases and makes some interesting observations.

He posits that there are two views of children taken by the Supreme Court: morally and psychologically vulnerable, and, having the ability to “avert their eyes”! A number of important cases are decided in the direction of one or the other of these views and which have led to many social problems of today.

1st view: “morally and psychologically vulnerable”

Two major court cases, “Abingdon School District v. Schempp” 1963, and “Engel v. Vitale” 1962. The Engel case involved school prayer and the Abingdon case involved Bible reading or Lord’s Prayer recitation to the whole school.

In Engel the Court reasoned that even though that dissenting children could be exempt from praying because it was voluntary, which one would think would have made this acceptable, that there was still an indirect coercion to conform to praying, a kind of peer pressure and hence, the voluntary nature of the exercise was irrelevant. The Court ruled against the school district!

In Abingdon, the Court also said the exempting was irrelevant here also. William Brennan, one of the majority Justices relied on studies about the social conformity of groups among that age group to rule the school practice unconstitutional! Again, some kind of coercive effect.

These two cases looked at the young as being very vulnerable and thus needing protection!

2nd view: “avert their eyes”

Two cases, one major and the other considered minor, “Erznoznik v. City of Jacksonville” 1975, and “United States v. Playboy Entertainment Group Inc.” 2000. The Erznoznik case involved outdoor drive-ins in which the screen could be seen in the wider public space, and the Playboy case involved the use of scrambling channels so nonsubscribers would not come into accidental contact with adult material on TV.

In Erznoznik, the Court decided against the City, who wanted to prohibit the drive-in owners from showing adult related movies due to the fact that part of the viewing screen could be seen by the nonviewing Public. One of the reasons for the prohibition was for protection of minors and the effects those images have! Basically the reasoning by the Court was that the ordinance somehow affected the 1st Amendments rights too much of even minors and with regard to being affected by images, they said that there is an expectation that “minors” can “avert their eyes” from the offending images! So the City lost.

In the Playboy case, there was a section of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 which put strong expectations on the scrambling and blocking technologies of TV programming. This was specifically meant to protect, again, minors! Very technical case but the result was that the Gov’t lost and, regarding the part about minors, the Court again declared this statement: “we are expected to protect our sensibilities by simply averting our eyes.”

In these two cases Court acts as if minors are responsible as adults and have the ability to avert their eyes from some of these things. Not really very realistic many would agree!

Negative freedom can also be discerned here in these results.

So there is a lot on this topic in the legal world but these two views of children through the Court are somewhat troubling because everything was decided in the opposite manner. These cases should have been decided the other way if children are the priority as they should have been. This book argued that children have been the ones who have been left behind in all these cases. A kind of freedom had been secured, a negative freedom, but at the cost of negative effects on children and a wrongheaded view of children!!

What should have occurred is that Erznoznik and Playboy should have lost due to the possibilities of kids being exposed to the wrong things. Stronger technology towards protecting children is a good deal! The Engel and Vitale case should have allowed for the religious practices to stand, knowing that religion is healthy to individuals and society and that it has been such a part of our heritage. Those who did not wish to participate could continue to be exempted and if there was “indirect coercion”, that could be dealt with separately.

What I see from this is another indication of our cultural and spiritual divide. It is illustrated clearly here when one notices that the immoral practices associated with sinful human nature is what was, in the end protected, and that the religious part, those things which can improve our lives from the immoral tendencies of human nature, was acted against.

It is the clash of “flesh-Spirit”, “death-life”, “God-man”, “sin-righteousness”, “light-darkness”, and any other dichotomy in the Bible that relates to our struggle against sin. None of this was mentioned as far as I know in these decisions, (court decisions are not easy reads!) but it comes through as “fruit” and really gives a disturbing contrast


Freudian Slip or Accidental Fact?

An Army training slide lists various persons who are considered  insider threats and a danger regarding the handling of intelligence. One of those is Hillary Clinton!

Was it a mistake or something else? I don’t know, but it is there and one of the questions concerns whether it would have been a valid decision to put her there.

Of course it would! She proved with the email scandal that she was foreign nations best friend. And she really didn’t care about consequences of her actions, it was all about ease!

So is this some kind of Freudian slip by someone, which now that it is out there, really can’t be taken back? Someone who made this list went through the typical bad characters and, then thought Hillary was deserving of it too?

The end result for me is that she does belong there and whether this was done unconsciously or deliberately, it is accurate!

Maybe truth emerges in the strangest of ways!