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The Pelosian (and Liberal) Worldview

The Pelosian Worldview and Liberals
This quote by Pelosi shows how out of touch she still is and how it is time she is put out to pasture. Of course, economics in her mind, is the be-all and do-all of life and should be primary in every decision that an individual makes. But I think using this economic argument is just a foil that she, as well as most liberals, hide behind. Their real motive is a disdain and disgust for those three things she mentions.
She is not a good Catholic, even though she likes to wear it on her sleeve as some badge of honor! Her stance on abortion is supposed to disqualifiy her from Communion!, although some churches conveniently may waive that small concern!
Her version of Christiaity and God is opposed to the Biblical viewpoint in many ways and her “derogatory” referencing about God in this quote is really directed at those views held by many evangelicals and conservatives who argue against many of her Liberal social views! The Biblical God is an inconvenience she just can’t stand!
The “guns” aspect is clear. Hillary will affect the 2nd Amendment about “right to bear arms” as much as she can. Liberals hate self-defense and they would rather support criminals and terrroists than citizens! And who would protect every American if they can’t exercise their own right? The government of course! Which is what Pelosi and all her Liberal friends want—more Gov’t control!
The “gays” remarks is directed towards those who oppose the homosexual lifestyle and especially homosexual marriage. And while the sentiment coming from those who oppose this kind of marriage, may to Liberals, seem like obsession, this sentiment is due more to the breakdown of the normal family which God ordained from the beginning and the belief that thre more we move away from the traditional family structure, the more social dysfunction will accumulate.
Finally, these 3-G’s are connected to being “white”! Why isn’t this a racist statement, I wonder? Earlier, Rep. Steve King’s mention of whites and their contributions to civilization as being paramount (subsequently qualified to Western Civilizations), initiated some counter arguments, the most creative one being that whites really weren’t a part of Western civilization until quite recently and by then most of the accomplishments were secured! Normally Western Civilization is discounted but here a different argument is used—revisionism! Being “white” is now becoming a pejorative adjective! There have been some celebration even, over the fact that the “white” population will soon be a minority in this country! But that is a different story!
At any rate, what we have here is the worldview of a classic Liberal worldview! The question we must ask ourselves is what would the loss be if “whites” (and really anyone else) gave up “Guns, gays, and God”, along with the enduring, cultural appreciation of the contributions made by, yes, whites!
I suggest we may climb aboard the “hand-out” regime of the Pelosi/Hillary/Obama train (and Sanders), and we may get some nice handouts and become rich—but what will the consequences be?
Liberals are trapped by their out-of-touch-with-reality worldview and will never understand what is truly at stake here, easily that is, but the rest of us understand it—-final analysis: There are more important things than just money!!!

Auschwitz and Dinur

Yeheil Dinur wrote under the psuedonym “Ka-Tzenik 135633”. He was a Holocaust survivor and wrote a number of novels about that period. He also testified in the Adolph Eichmann.
The novels are on my to-do list to read but I did come across one compelling statement by him:
“wherever there is humankind, there is Auschwitz”.
Is he condemning everyone? No! just that the human condition is such that if care is not taken, then atrocious behavior can ensue. As a Christian, that is understood as allowing sinful human nature to proceeed unchecked.
Put another way, removing ourselves far from the “conscience of morality” that He has provided us! Though we are “fallen”, such that everything about us is marred by the effects of sin, we do have capabilities to live somewhat orderly.
Thought for us: Is there an Auschwitz-type set of behaviors among us today?
I believe it is! Abortion!!!
The abortion industry (and that is what it is!) is a bedrock principle among Liberals, illustrated with many affirmative comments at their Democratic Convention. Look at what the Planned Parenthood videos exposed, and no, they have not been debunked as a fraudulent series!
Millions of Jews! Millions of babies!
Picture is him testifying at the Eichman trial!
 1389.9 Holocaust A

Baltimore broken up?

Time to break up Baltimore!!!
Looking back on this Gray debacle, the problem I see is not one particularly of racism, after all, three of the six officers were black. The main problem, and has been for decades, is what to do with a black underclass, mired in so much social dysfunction, especially in ghetto/inner city areas, that in a sense they have been “de facto” written off!
What this prosecutor did was wrong—she should lose her job over this. Too many negative things followed her handling of the Freddie Gray incident and showed a naive view regarding “black” issues.
The problems of the black community in many cities can be somewhat enlightened by a number of things. Loss of job possibilities going all the way back a few decades. “White flight”, for one reason or another, allowed many whites and some blacks, to leave the inner cities for suburbs or beyond, and remaining behind the poorer people, in many cases blacks. Loss of a strong financial base caused those areas to eventually decay into what were called “ghettos”. Drugs eventually ran rampant and created a breakdown of the black family, especially with 70+% illegitimacy rate. High incarceration rates took fathers away, etc. etc.
Is any of this racism? All the above things can be looked at in a wide variety of ways, and have been! But racism, like a number of things, is easy to accuse someone of, but harder to prove! Whatever the “racist” origins there may have been, what we have now and have had for a long time, are inner city/ghetto areas mired in negative circumstances with no end in sight.
What got me about the riots which followed the Freddie Gray episode was the mention that some of the buildings in that neighborhood were damaged during the 1968 riots and had never been fixed!!! They remained damaged—to this day!!! No wonder so much seems helpless in these areas!
While the Prosecutor’s motives may have been in the right place, these ghetto areas need a lot more than an arbitrary display of justice! Especially when the breakdown of her case against these officers totally collapsed at the end. Even more disillusionment will now occur—or in other words, her naivete hurt the community in a deeper way than if she had proceeded more patiently!
The answer for many of the social problems which this Prosecutor hoped to “help” would have done little for real change. What is needed for these ghetto areas is some totally different thinking—not an easy task!
If I were to offer one starting point which could possibly lead to a “chance” of hope, it would be geared to the physical city itself. I think cities need to be “broken up”. Split into separate, smaller cities, each with its own Mayor. A more personal and nuanced approach can then be applied to a smaller geographical area. These areas would be independent and easier to handle.
It is clear one Mayor over the whole geographical area does not help! Breaking things up may! At least it would give local leaders a stronger say in how the future unfolds!

The Lunacy of Harry Reid

Has Harry Reid sold his soul to the devil?!
Has the “ends justify the means” become his governing philosophy?
He admitted lying about Mitt Romney’s tax statements to ensure Obama was reelected, even proud to have done it! He was Senate Majority Leader at the time—what a fine example of character!
Now this “fine example of character” is actually recommending that the CIA fake intellignece reports to Trump! Where’s the outrage over this! Trump makes his comments about Russia and emails and the world is coming to an end!
Democrats like him have actually been despoiled of conscience somewhere down the line!!! But that is what happens when power becomes so important and when a taste of it has borne “fruit”, like Obamacare and gay marriage by Supreme Court, it then makes one consumed for more.
At that point nothing matters except more power! I would like to say that Reid did this just as a different way to show Trump can not be trusted as a leader—but with these Democrats of today, Reid would probably actually conspire to work with the CIA to keep things from Trump!
Rule #something: Put nothing past Democrats when virtue is a word no longer in their vocabulary!
Rule #something else: Let’s hope Russia do have those 30,000 emails of Hillary—-and releases them! Just to see what happens!
This election season has brought an uncomfortable conclusion to some of my thinking. With the FBI debacle of Clinton’s emails it is clear that “law” can not be trusted anymore! Supposedly the final arbiter will be those going to the polls–but with so many people not even understanding basic history of our nation, 4th of July quiz by Watter’s World for example, will the polls actually matter?!
Which brings me to a very uncomfortable realization: Wikileaks may be the answer! They say they have more emails about Clinton’s Foundation and will be released soon. Maybe if enough Truth is finally brought to bear regarding the Clinton’s, then people will get it! I don’t know though—consider what the people did to Christ, the perfect God-Man!!!
Has our fate been sealed! Time will tell!

Trump and Russia

A few things here:
1st—they may have those emails, whether from this hack or their own at a previous time.
2nd—they may release them if Hillary gets too “close” to winning.
3rd—Clinton campaign called his remarks “reckless”, after Hillary was shown to be so “careless” in her emails—but that is the nature of hypocrites, and the Democrats Party are full of ’em!
4th—Trump is out there doing press conferences, taking questions, Hillary hasn’t had a major press conference in over 285 days, according to one source!
5th—Trump can’t say or do anything at this moment to make the world any more dangerous than what the Obama-Hillary duo has already done.
6th—this is why we need Donald trump in the White House, he is going to put a lot on the table. He “nudges” or “probes” things with his comments, responses to what other nations “thinks” he means may be worth their weight in gold as far as determining what other nations are planning! Boxers are known to do exploratory jabs and then when the other boxer responds, an effective counterpunch follows. Trump is an effective counterpuncher!
7th—listening to the Democrats trying to tie Trump and Russia together into some kind of “symbiosis” just makes them look ridiculous—but this is now a Hillary-led bunch, and look at how she handled the world of Russia with the infamous “reset button”!

The Novel “Camp of the Saints”, the Movie “The Purge”, and the Future

The novel “The Camp of the Saints”, the movie “Purge: Election year”, and the Future!


Camp of the Saints

Sailing from the country of India is a flotilla of a 100 ships filled with 1,000,000 immigrants who are seeking a better life beyond. That “beyond” ends up being France. After several weeks sailing, eventually they finally land on the shore of southern France and embark in mass upon a nation ill-prepared to handle it. So is the premise of the novel “Camp of the Saints”, written in 1973 by Jean Raspail. Considered an apocalyptic type book, the message resonated with many who saw unchecked immigration as something which would be detrimental to Western Civilization if allowed.

This book is a gritty, no-holds barred fictional analysis of a phenomenon which actually could take place in today’s world. It made leaders in that fictional world fearful over the possibility of mass migration on such a large scale! Fast forward to present day and much in the novel became prophetic, especially for France! In the book, there was not a clear sense where this flotilla was heading. Many nations in its possible path had to reckon with two things: how can they be stopped, or, how can they be absorbed into a foreign culture! Those two questions still resonate today as many countries face their own immigration troubles.

When it became clear that France was the destination the nation became paralyzed in its response. A military option fizzled as many left their posts and refused to mow down boatloads of innocent people. That left the locals in those southern regions to handle the hordes as they disembarked. That proved untenable and so the response of southern France was mass evacuation. That whole area was overrun, literally, by the immigrants when they landed and any citizens who were still remaining behind, was at the mercy of the immigrants. For one of the things the book explored was the breakdown of law and order which accompanied this migration. As the nation’s authorities retreated that left a vacuum to be filled. The 1,000,000 immigrants in a sense had become a law unto themselves and thus when they landed Western law had no place.

France, in the book, was totally transformed. One of the lessons the novel was trying to illustrate is that the Western world, no matter how strong the traditions and history, was vulnerable. The immigrant numbers in the book represent 2% of what the population of France was in 1973. But 2% went a long ways when it was all of a sudden dumped on shorelines and became a mass of humanity literally charging forward into the land! Immigration, when unchecked and improperly absorbed, is detrimental to any nation’s values, culture, and systems. This book fictionalized that—and it came true to a large extent! In France today, the problem may not be illegal immigration, but unassimilated immigration, specifically the Muslim populations! France is now having trouble justifying its way of life to those newly arrived who want to maintain their own traditions.

And look at the United States, with estimates of 10-18 million, or so, illegal aliens within these borders. How much more can we survive? And has this nation started to change? Important considerations especially in light of the fact that in just a few years the combined amount of legal and illegal immigrants will surpass the population of whites. What then? Do we need another novel today acting as a prophetic voice, fictionalizing the scenarios this demographic change will force on our traditions? Do we care to preserve those traditions anymore? Do we have any choice now or have we crossed the Rubicon in a sense?

As I read this book, especially the embarkation of the ships upon arrival to France’ shores, the picture formed in my mind was the Syrian refugees, scores of thousands literally making a trek across the EU, hordes if you will, going somewhere, towards whoever would take them. Consider how difficult it was and still is, incorporating them within various nations. Were there terrorists among them? What about the quickness of “change”? Can assimilation take place under these conditions? Are they to be received permanently? Wholescale populations moving from one nation to another is a logistical nightmare in many ways—is the Western world able to still maintain those things which made it a “civilization” if more mass migrations take place, which very well could happen!

One final picture to this part of my account—if 1,000,000 people from down south of the border all of a sudden showed up along the border, what would we do?


The Purge: Election Year

This movie, 3rd in the series, is a satire built around this election season. The poster title includes the phrase “Keep America Great”, an obvious reference to Donald Trump! The movie has a lot of language and violence, a gratuitous amount, but due to the nature of the plot, that is the point! For one night America undergoes a time of anarchy when anyone can do anything with no fear of consequence. The purpose of this “Purge” is to winnow out the population and also give vent to built-up passions.

Even though this is satire, beneath all the gratuitousness, there is a slight social warning. If law and order is removed, what takes over? Violent passions, of all kinds, is what emerges! Not from everyone but it doesn’t take many bad actors to create social havoc. The producers of this movie may not have had social events in mind, beyond the election that is, but the idea of anarchy is something which should be recognized as subtly affecting this nation the last couple years!


Just in the past, with the email controversy of Hillary Clinton and her eventual reprieve, many feel that the law is only for the masses and elites have a different standard. That is a subtle form of anarchy wherein those well-to-do get to do what they want!

Consider the Baltimore riots in 2015 over Freddie Gray in which the Mayor of Baltimore said,

“While we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on,” the mayor said of the protesters. “We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well”.

“Those who wish to destroy space to do that as well”—or in other words a time of anarchy! And destroy they did, in neighborhoods which were poor to begin with and was made much worse afterwards. And following those first few days, murders and other crimes went up as others used that time to “do their own thing” as well! Supposedly the riots were also “fueled” when the idea of “purging” Baltimore made its rounds on social media and possibly helped mobilize various groups. Levels of anarchy are not that far underneath society’s skin!

We should also consider illegal immigrants and the Governments unwillingness to hold many of them accountable for crimes. The most egregious actions relates to the release of thousands of illegals from jails who were either convicted or were awaiting trial. A lot of legal gymnastics took place to achieve that and to the dismay of many, deportation wasn’t even attempted. Just a return to the streets. A high profile case involved Kate Steinle, by an illegal immigrant who had been deported many times and should have been held by the federal system after being jailed for 4 months under a marijuana charge. But he was let go! And then he killed Kate! A subtle kind of anarchy at work here as well, people getting away with too much!



The Future


Unchecked immigration will change us! The question is whether or not we think that is important. Western Civilization is under assault on many fronts, illegal immigration is one such front. When millions are inhabiting our lands and are unassimilated, what is the cost? We will find out. To some, Western Civilization has been too privileged, and so a new order needs to arise. For those, illegal immigration does not pose much of a threat but a kind of diversity which will help start a new society. The problem is that the fruit of Western Civilization, which has brought many positive things to the rest of the world, is based on certain principles, which if done away with or ignored, may not be able to be replaced. What then? Start over? I doubt that is possible, once gone it will probably stay that way with minimal influence. France has been changed by its stance on immigration, we will too. The question is how much will we change!

Law and order are also under assault! There is a law for the elite and another one for the rest of us—no doubt! What kind of attitude will that slowly build within the citizenry when they see so many rich and powerful get away with things? Social media only amplifies that perception. Will the lower classes seek ways to cheat the system and do things which may enrich themselves but will slowly destroy the fabric of this nation. And what will statements, such as the one by the Mayor of Baltimore, do to encourage future protestors? That given the right circumstances there will be space to destroy? Will that be a strategy of dealing with mass dissatisfaction, a kind of “purge”! Society has really become lost with many mixed messages being displayed. What will count will be the perceptions that everyday Americans pick up from these messages and what is their breaking point. If our elites evolve to a more stratified aristocracy, then aspects of the French Revolution may be repeated here. If people finally get to the place where they finally have enough—what then? That is the question that hopefully will never have to be answered!



the purge


North Carolina and NBA All-Star Game part 2

This follows my remarks yesterday about the NBA pulling its All-Star game from Charlotte. Good for the Governor to respond back to NBA. With 21 other states, along with North Carolina, suing the Federal Government over the bathroom mandate, maybe the NBA should also look at those states. The hypocrites that they are, they’ll turn a blind eye to that! That will really cause a backlash they can ill afford.
Of course money becomes the driver in so many situations and the $100 million loss which removing the All-Star game would create is suppose to put pressure on the State. The Bible says what? “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil”!
Morality or money? Common sense or money? Human nature concerns or liberal claptrap? How much is it worth to have boys walking in on girls in the bathrooms? A $100 million?
That is the question!!

North Carolina and NBA All-Star Game

Corporate Blackmail—NBA Style!

ESPN some time ago morphed into a mouthpiece of liberal and left-wing politics—giving their announcers the boot if any kind of anti-liberal viewpoint was evidenced in their communications.

The NBA showed their true colors with the horrid treatment of Donald Sterling, owner of the Clippers, over a private conversation. While we may disagree with his sentiments, taking the team from him was over the top. But that is the PC world!

Now the NBA has continued its diatribe against North Carolina’s anti-LGBT law by removing the all-star game from Charlotte in 2017. A lot of responses are going through my mind right now, but a prudent one which is allowable to state is in order instead. At least, North Carolina, at the appropriate location and position should erect a sign informing the NBA to take their all-star game—-and while they are at it—-take the team as well and get out of their state!

If this law of North Carolina in some sense reinforces normalcy as determined through religious teachings and practiced all through recorded history, and if those things have made society stable in many ways, then sacrificing that over sports would be ludicrous. Truth is more important than sports, but the shame here is that it isn’t the players as such but the NBA bureaucrats who feel like they have to be a part of this liberal agenda and use their sport as an instrument of blackmail.

It is uncanny why so much of Corporate America has to side with the Liberal Agenda at all! But the future seems to be directed along this course. Hopefully enough leaders and citizens will resist these machinations by Corporate America and put them in their place.

A laughable comment in the article illustrates the ridiculous nature of this latest attack by the NBA. The article quotes:

“While we recognize that the NBA cannot choose the law in every city, state, and country in which we do business, we do not believe we can successfully host our All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by HB2″.

What a bunch of drivel! Exactly what “climate” are they referring to here? But logic and argument has no place among those who actually show their inability, with out-of-touch statements as above, in really understanding the ramifications of why certain social behaviors have been and should still be restrained. Maybe if they themselves reflected a little on history and religious thinking the NBA would just stick to basketball and leave everything else to those more appropriately situated!;_ylt=A0LEVjTVTZFXyjEAEYUPxQt.;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–


The Impossibility of True Diversity!

I am sure the PC police will morph this into an example “Par Excellence” of the continuation of the antebellum south–just continued in the North!

And for those who still find racism under every rock and in every corner, this will be more ammunition. And for Ryan, no reasonable explanation will be adequate, after all, a picture is worth a 1000 words!

But not mentioned is the fact that there are females! I am surprised that was overlooked. At least sexism is off the list—except that black females may not be represented!

It is hard to win in this diversity lotto! When is enough enough!

Unfortunately, mathematics only make the job harder!

I looked at a typical demographic stat site to pick up some numbers on race and gender breakdown.
Women—50.9% Men–49.1%
Whites: 62%
Blacks: 12%
Asians: 6%
Hispanics: 18%
American Indians: 1%
Other: 2%

If Ryan followed this perfectly–after all, fair is fair, then these numbers should roughly apply:

1. Men—49
2. Women–51


The 49 men would have to breakdown into roughly:
30.38 whites
5.8 blacks
2.94 asians
8.82 hispanics
0.49 american indians
The 51 women would breakdown like this:
31.62 whites
6.12 blacks
3.06 asians
9.18 hispanics
0.51 americans indians

But the mathematics of diversity is “cold”, thinking about a great science fiction story called “Cold Equations”!

What do we do with the rounding? If, for example, we round whites down to nearest whole number and blacks up to the higher whole number—is that fair—after all, diversity, if it is valid, must be adhered to completely or something may be diminished!

And, the list above can be subdivided—for instance—the category “Asian” can be divided into “Asian Indian”, “Chinese”, “Filipino”, etc. etc. This makes the Calculus of diversity into a cruel taskmaster!

And, to make this even more frustrating for the diversity mathematician—what happens if the applications don’t match up with the numbers—it then becomes impossible to achieve the diversity the numbers above show!

It wouldn’t have surprised me if the number of black applicants was nil, Ryan being a solid white conservative Republican and due to the fact that blacks overwhelmingly vote Democrat!

I know what we can do—create another Department in the Federal Gov’t to square the numbers for every position. What a bureaucracy that would be! Where are those great satirical Monty Python skits when you need em?

The whole idea of diversity is absurd. While there may be occasional times when someone in some other category has a slightly different perspective that adds to a group, that also can occur between two different people in the same group!

So all the waste of time given to diversity and proper representation has probably achieved one thing–many positions are filled with a “category” and numbers match up diversitywise—but talent is sacrificed!

If there is a silver lining here—and maybe a little “light of hope” here—just consider if all those interns were white men only! So—Ryan may just survive this!

“Theater of the absurd” to borrow an existentialist phrase

Noah and the Ark

Noah’s Ark
His Ark was rejected by the world back in his day, to their ultimate demise. Today it is different!! People are paying attention now!
But, those poor atheists…..
What are these atheists so scared of? If the atheistic, and the evolution worldview that goes with it, is so secure, why the major concern about Public Schools going to view this exhibit? Sure, visitors will hear the Creationist and Flood stories from the Bible, but by the atheists own bias, the science against these Biblical stories is supposed to be so overwhelming that simply hearing the “other side” ought not to be threatening!
Yet—–deep down these groups who oppose exhibits like this, know something within themselves, and they know the general public does as well. The idea that this world came into existence by randon, chance events doesn’t witness with the spiritual part of people! We were created with a sense of “something” which lies beyond this physical world. Deep down atheists know this, that is why they are so vociferous in their rejection of these representations about God—they are actively opposing Him themselves!
If atheists can keep everyone, especially students with impressionable minds, away from these kinds of exhibits, then that “something” can be kept buried and hence students can be indoctrinated into a purely secular-materialistic-evolutionist worldview! They are scared of Truth!
In John 3:19-20 we have these verses which sums up the clash of worldviews in this modern age quite well:
“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.”
The Truth which Christianity proclaims contradicts the ethical maxims which an evoulutionary and humanistic worldview produces. Religion is powerful, it can never be eradicated, it is a part of who we are. These atheists can’t win a public debate about religion, especially Christianity and so the next best thing is to push it into a corner, an “out-of-sight out-of-mind kind of strategy!
An affirmation of this religious impulse, to the chagrin of atheists groups, is that alarge part of society believes either God created man as he is, or that God directed evolution in some way—and these are not “ignorant” people as somemay charge!
And so this battle is typical of so many other battles in this society—there is a clash of spiritual worldviews: God vs. man, Spirit vs. flesh, Truth vs. lie, sin vs. righteousness etc. Most contentious debates in society today can be reduced to this kind of spiritual battle.
But, Truth can never lose–unless—those who know the Truth refuse to acknowledge it.