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Clintons and Corruption

Corruption, corruption, corruption, = Clintons. They can’t help it, corrupt to the core! Bill decides to drop in on Attorney General Loretta Lynch for a chitchat! Of course it was just innocent conversation—and maybe it was! But it was also a little intimidation tactic or a “determining the lay of the land” kind of thing—but far from innocent!

Even some Democrats objected to this! Now that is miraculous!

But, Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who once mentioned that the Ddeclaration of Independence was such a great document made by great men of the past, caught himself and had to become PC and said something along the line that if women were there it would have been even better, he interjected with his own “wise” summation. He said:

S”o you have two choices: to say this didn’t matter or that she’s lying. I think that it didn’t matter. I don’t think she lying.”

No Chuck, with all due respect, the main discussion by Clinton and Lynch was nonverbal and and meant to be disguised!

What gets me about the Clintons and Liberal Democrats, is that they do not care—-they do things in front of everyone and think they can get away with it—and most of the time they do! If Hilary gets elected and Bill goes back into the White house again—24 hour a day scandals will eventually be the order of the day!

ISIS and blind leaders

The Obama Administration are masters at showing ineptitude and blindness to Islamic terrorism.

We listened to John Kerry proclaim that the attack at Istanbul’s airport illustrates the fact that ISIS is desperate because they are losing their “war” against the West, and that is why they did this carnage!

Doesn’t make sense—ISIS wants to attack anyway, wants to kill and maim, wants to spread terror, regardless of what we do to them. Kerry’s suggestion that this shows we have ISIS on the run in some sense is absolutely laughable! But then again this Administration does not inspire any confidence that they know what they are doing.

And of course the lapdog Rear Admiral John Kirby just backed up John Kerry ‘s statements on Fox News a bit ago! Blind leading the blind couldn’t be better ilustrated by these so-called leaders!

And then there was CIA Director John Brennan, who wasn’t so optimistic the other day in his assessment of ISIS’ weaknesses, but was fearful of attacks here! Not quite on Kerry’s side with those warnings! Clearly this Administration is an ongoing embarrassment to logic and reality.

And their logic summarizes like this: If we attack, they show they are losing by blowing themselves up and killing as many as possible! If we do nothing they still blow themselves up and kill as many as possible! What world does Obama and his cohorts actually inhabit?

If we can somehow survive the next few months—and hope that Hillary doesn’t win….!



A Poem:


Have entered this world, no paths yet to take.
Age and its prompts, course bearings will make.

Up and down the path trod , many windings attend.
Ever forward one goes, eyes fixed far ahead.

There strays from the path, at times oft despair.
Hardships and toil, ever part of life’s tarr’.

Distant shore our goal, that city’s pearl arch.
Remember the Master’s Cup, troub’ part of His march.

At end of time’s turns, finished what is meet.
Having glorified God, assignment complete.

Ray Landon

Neo-Nazis and Free Speech

Neo-Nazi rally — what the new future holds?
Freedom of speech is a benchmark freedom in a free society. Even groups such as Neo-Nazi have a right to speak their mind in a public forum. This particular group had their permits and so had the RIGHT to speak!
Does that right entail the acceptance of their ideas? No! But that is not the issue—the issue is a Bill of Rights issue. It needs to be preserved no matter the kind of speech.
This group should have all the appropriate authorities in full swing protecting that right to gather on the the Capitol grounds of Sacramento. This is America—we are allowed to do that!
It’s a shame that so many of our youth have the idea that “hate” has to be eliminated in any way possibe. If the removal of hate can’t be accomplished in the human heart then the next best thing is the removal from the Public sphere. Violence is an easy handmaiden for that desire!
Have we finally produced a generation so far removed from the basic principles of our Founding? I think we have! Not all youth, of course, probably not even a majority–but enough so that society will have a hard time functioning with the exercise of its freedoms.And as a result people will be fearful to go in the Public sphere—which would be a victory for these protestors!
Can it be imagined the outcome if Christians began to promote rallies in which the immorality of homosexuality was the key topic?
And we are not talking about counter-protests, let those have at it, let the ideas flow back and forth in a vigorous debate! But the difference now is that violence is becoming the norm in the combatting of adverse ideas.
From Trump rallies having his supporters attacked, Sanders having his stage physically trampled upon, to rallies such as this one in Sacramento—the message is clear—if talk can’t counter the ideas someone disagrees with, then turn to violence!
We are heading towards the kind of clashes typical of the sixties—but now more acute and more adaptable due to the ease of communication social media allows.—which is how this counter-protest was organized!
If Sacramento would do the right thing here, they should allow that group to speak again with full protection, counter-protesters only allowed a certain distance, and let the Neo-Nazis have their say and then leave safely! WHY? Because it is their RIGHT!
rally neo nazi

“He” or “She”?

Years ago I use to speculate about the trajectory of identity politics. As the masses formed more and more into their own particular “group”, based on race, ethnicity, or whatever, it wasn’t hard to see the individualizing tendency of modern society cascading towards absurdities. For that to happen with the simple binary of male-female is unusual but only somewhat surprising. The skies the limit nowadays. We can speculate on why this is sociologically, but the practical effects and outcomes will eventually ravage normal societal interactions even more and create a deeper social dysfunction, as if we need more!

God made them Male and Female in Genesis. Those that feel they belong in other categories we should feel sorry for and try to help, not glorify as some special “right” in which society has to bend over backwards accommodating. Now we find out that NYC protects 31 gender identities! 31! Reading some of these so-called “identities” would be comical if too many people didn’t actually take this stuff serious!

And it won’t stop until there will be a different identity for everyone on the planet! The trajectory of identity politics has left political categories, which was the basis of my speculations, and has now gone to new territory. But a people becoming more disconnected from the Creator has to find meaning somewhere—no matter how strange it may sound! We are witnessing a deeper spiritual decay right before our eyes! But as for me this will be a simple category for my identity—I am still “MALE”! And my pronoun is “He”!



Loneliness of Memory

Loneliness of Memory



Years slowly roll by, life’s number grows tall.

Less yet to live, months ‘main may be small.


Certain moments of day, warm sun blue sky.

Reposed one looks back, viewed in mind’s eye.


Those ol’ days fill the thoughts, experienced by only one.

Many friends abide there, must enjoy all alone.


Times which once were, filled with good and with pain.

Traversed all anew, down memory’s lane.


The loneliness of memory, is something felt sweet.

With those who were known, gone here but there meet.


Ray Landon

Utopia of the Soul?




Is there a Utopia of the Soul?

The book “Looking Backward” by Edward Bellamy, written in 1888, is about a utopia. This tale has the main character going to sleep in 1887 and waking up in the year 2000. The rest of the book describes the idyllic conditions of this changed society of 113 years later. Typically, in this “perfect” society, all violence has been resolved, inequity has been eliminated, everyone only desires and takes what one needs, wealth is not an issue as capitalism has been substituted with a perfect redistribution system, and everyone works according to his talent and, coincidentally, all jobs are filled as there seems to be someone for any task!

Utopias are easy to put down on paper but hard to realize. Novels can tell a good story of the resolution of many social ills and with well thought-out solutions, but the actual practice of repeating those actions in real life run up against reality’s facts, of which there at least two: an imperfect world in which technical solutions are rarely totally successful and which may create more problems as well, and the big one—human nature!

I would characterize our present age as somewhat utopian in its leanings but tempered with a minimum dose of realism. Our science has brought humanity forward in many areas and has made life enjoyable in a lot of ways, at least outwardly as far as material existence is concerned, and, has achieved this for a meaningful part of the world’s population. Great energy and resources on extending modern day accomplishments to everyone globally is being expended, though with progress coming very slowly. But there are many in our global society whose vision of the future sees many positive outcomes waiting to be secured, the sky-is-the-limit kind of outlook!

Now most of us would not want to stop manu of the lifestyle changes which science and technology has brought us, but at the same time we need to be reminded that life consists of more than outward needs—there is a spiritual part of us that can not and should not be ignored. Science can prolong life, make us physically healthy, give us time-saving conveniences which allow for more leisurely activities and overall increase the quality of life—outwardly that is! But that invisible part of us, where the soul and spirit resides, can only be affected so much by these outward advances.

One of these so-called advances, in which the modern world has been fairly successful and is most troublesome, regards the religious sphere. Here in the US, religion and in particular Christianity, has been increasingly marginalized and privatized as the push for a more secular nation has increased. At the same time, society has lost its spiritual anchor and mooring and is being set adrift into a state in which the consequences of immoral behavior is threatening to undermine society in a great many ways—and many of those things are not able to be recognized as such! Science can not, by any means, act as a substitute for the moral and spiritual grounding which religion, namely Christianity has provided.

So a utopian impulse may be evident in our culture today, with great hope and excitement predicated on advances, which seem without limit, from science and technology. But consider how hard it is to find something as basic as a peaceful disposition in the heart and mind. There is no external arrangement of things which can automatically bring peace to a troubled heart, what is needed is something spiritual. Technology and science can’t produce spiritual solutions and so society ignores the religious at its own peril!

And historically there has really only been one religion which has changed the world profoundly and that is Christianity. So I would go one step further and say that if our society ignores Christianity, we do so at our own peril and guarantee more social ills as a result. No manmade utopia can fix that!

So is there a utopia for the soul? Yes! But it is not manmade—it is a gift of grace from God—Jesus Christ