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Are Right-Wing Christians Destroying Christianity?

My article is a response to another article which appeared in the HuffingtonPost. The link is below:

Mentioned is the fact that millennials are leaving organized religion in droves and that one of the main reasons is the perceived anti-LGBT bias. Hence, church membership is dwindling and conservative churches in particular, are increasingly viewed as very negative. This is seen by the writer of the article as a positive thing as she quotes,

“The faster conservative religion is overwhelmingly seen as mean, crazy, violent, hateful, misogynistic and anti-science, the faster we as a society can move on. I’d rather America looked more like somewhere people want to live, than someplace that generates political and religious refugees.”

10 reasons are then provided, which seems to underscore the “negatives” of right-wing Christians and the subsequent  demise of those churches, and further “backs up” the writers conclusions. I will respond to each of the reasons in turn.

1. Fighting battles you’ve already lost.

Response: battles are never over, especially in the political or social realm. There always is another day to fight. And even though the Supreme Court may have decided that certain things are the “law of the land”, they are only 9 people, who someday will be replaced. The writer specifically refers to the same-sex marriage result, but that result is only as secure as the next time a new Supreme Court hears another case. And I would add that gun-control fanatics don’t view the recent Supreme Court decisions which validated the rights of Americans to have guns as being over. They can’t wait until a different Supreme Court may rule differently. I would point out to the writer about the Dred Scott decision. Was that final? And besides all the political opportunities that time may provide, Christians view the same-sex marriage action as something which goes against the basic structure of society so ordered by God. This is something that Christians would fight for even if we were on some new island with no government–society thrives best when it fits with the created order! So the fight is never over!

2. Deciding who’s Christian based on how much they hate gays.

This follows the new PC talk in which disagreements are viewed as “hate” and those who dare to resist the tortured logic of liberals as “haters”. There may be individuals who really hate gays. Well, what else is new? There may be people who actually hate right-wing Christians! But a Biblical view of God and homosexuality shows a difference, but I guess the writer discounts any reasoned discourse towards understanding those differences. But here goes: God hates sin! He doesn’t hate the sinner, he sent his son Christ to die for all mankind. Unfortunately for practicing homosexuals and their supporters, homosexual behavior is rooted in a rejection of sin and represents a devolution into unnatural behavior. So Christians who take a stand against homosexuality  are actually doing society a favor! They are pointing out the need for a Savior who can deliver from sin and make whole, not according to our litmus test as the writer supposes, but God’s litmus test! So if basic disagreement is hate, then the writer needs to stop hating right-wing Christians!

3. Treating women like cattle.

Yeah, right. Christianity has been one of the main things which has elevated women as opposed to the those cultures, past and present, which are the ones who really treated women like cattle. Need we recount, for example, how women are treated under Muslim regimes. And while there have been individuals and movements which have been detrimental towards women, they have not lasted long. The writer makes several quotes which are either taken out of context or just totally misunderstood. Her mention of rape and abortion together make an emotive pair, and it makes Christianity look initially callous, but a full picture of why Christians may oppose abortion, even for rape, will be sensible, though probably not to the writer. We are not God, and so we do not have the right to arbitrarily take human life, for any reason. God chose the female of the male-female pair to bear children. The womb is a place where the person is initially raised and cared for and protected, all automatic processes of the woman’s body. To have a doctor, or coat-hangar, to invade that nurturing environment and rip apart a baby’s body, or have its body vacuumed out like a piece of dirt, is seen by many Christians as an act which not only goes against basic human decency towards human life, but is also a direct contradiction towards motherhood! Rape is no exception, only because the right to take an innocent human life is not allowed even in those situations. Society should make sure in those cases that every kind of possible help should be extended to those women through that nine month period. Christians don’t think women are being treated like cattle because of their opposition towards abortion, but we do recognize that women are being exploited in many ways by the abortion industry. Just think about the Planned Parenthood videos and the taking of baby body parts without permission!

4. Rejecting science.

I love this one! Modern science was motivated and explored by many Christians in the Middle Ages as they thought that God created the world and hence could be understood and analyzed. This would not only point to the glory of his creation but would also be useful for helping the ills of society and for progress. It has been remarked upon by other historians that only in a society with a Christian mindset did science eventually flower the way it did. Other cultures and societies had chances but something within their philosophical attitude prevented it from exploding forth the way it did in the Middle Ages. And those supposed Church-Science controversies are overblown to such an extent that one gets the impression that those disputes were about “religion vs. reason”, or even better, “superstition vs. reason”! When the enlightenment took over and reason was eventually elevated above the religious viewpoint, science eventually evolved into evolution. Evolution is a story which can be changed at will to fit any new discovery. It can never be falsified because any other theory is not allowed. The problem is that evolution gets most things wrong! Just look at the discoveries from our solar system. Any discovery seems to overthrow the “theory” scientists had initially thought and “surprises” them with the complexity. For a theory which supposedly posits a process which flows from simple to complex, all those “simple” things out there end up being too complex to predict. And we could get into how the “principles” of evolution had affected the 20th century like no other, in which atheistic, totalitarian governments literally weeded out the “weak links” of their societies to the tune of scores of millions!  Politics and natural selection do not go hand in hand! And Neil DeGrasse Tyson is right about this quote:

“the great thing about science is it’s true whether you believe it or not.”

Anti-evolution Christians agree with that, we just don’t think evolution is science, that’s all! And unfortunately for the future, as the world gets increasingly more complex through discovery, evolution will become weaker and weaker in explaining these things, after all, you can only extend a fairy tale for so long, but evolutionary belief will continue because right-wing Christians see this really for what it is–a spiritual thing, not a knowledge thing! Time and space doesn’t allow for a climate change response, but pay attention to news because hidden away are many articles pointing out the absurdity of the climate change worshippers!

5. Condemning everyone else’s sex lives but their own.

Everyone is tainted by original sin, that is, we are all born sinners. Therefore every action of men has that in the background. Any vocation which entails multiple people will at some point have a failing, whether sexual, criminal, or any other category. That this occurs among church people just illustrates the fact that sin is something which will pursue everyone all the days of life. That doesn’t mean that Christianity accepts this or justifies it. Individuals may, but the history of the Church says otherwise. There has always been correction when someone or some group has tried to distort the picture of sex that God has in the Bible. Although condemnation is an aspect of a message which calls people to repent and follow Christ, the deeper message is one which beckons people to have a sex life which God intended–in marriage between husband and wife. That does seem old fashioned but it does work! And speaking of condemnation, since when is it wrong only if the Church condemns? I wonder if the writer would stoop so low to condemn NAMBLA, or would that be the same as condemning someone else’s sex life? The sexual freedom this country may promote is not really freedom at all. Just consider all the disease which are afflicting so many because of this “freedom”, it really isn’t that free, is it? So when the Church speaks about sexual practices, it is not just about some power over others making them do what we want, but it is wisdom being delivered about having the kind of full, complete life God intended!

6. Telling people freedom of religion is only for Christians.

I don’t know where this comes from, but it is true that in America the Church is highly protective of the expression of Christianity. That does mean freedom of conscience which includes not baking cakes for homosexual couples, not issuing marriage licenses for homosexual couples, being able to say “God Bless You” over high school intercoms, etc. And while many Christians understand that non-Christians of all stripes fill many roles in this country, we also understand that the principles of these freedoms which are enshrined in the declaration and Constitution emerged from a mindset which understood the sin nature of man and also understood the rights which God gives mankind for the best functioning of society. Those understandings flowed from a Christian perspective. Christians understand that when the axe is laid to the root of the tree, that the fruit will eventually disappear, in other words, the mindset that will replace the Christian mindset will be one which is increasingly totalitarian and oppressive. Just consider the PC culture over words, they would have a fit over my use of “mankind” in this article. So, yes! We will continue to highlight our freedom of expression as much as we can, we believe freedom of religion is for everyone, but we also believe that freedom will also disappear completely if Christianity is rooted out!

7. Telling us all the awful things they’d do if they didn’t believe in God.

Romans 1 speaks about a world which devolved into every kind of sin when God was ignored. We see that being played out again in this society as we deliberately try to ignore the Christian conscience and do things our own way. The remaking of society is not achieved through great, logical thoughts, which have been enriched by centuries of wisdom. No, the remaking of society is happening according to the way it occurred in the beginning. Man rejects God and sin takes over. This is not a fear tactic, but instead recognizes a historical process from times past. All one has to do is read that list of things in Romans 1 which mankind devolves into and one would see our society represented quite clearly. And there is more things in Romans 1 which are becoming more and more prominent, which, if allowed to fully flower, will totally wreck this society. And speaking of awful things! It is worth mentioning our culture of death enshrined in the abortion industry! So killing babies in the womb, delivering partial-birth babies so a doctor can crush its head and kill it, so the harvesting of baby body parts for profit , so a view, such as Peter Singers,  which makes it more likely in the future that babies born will be allowed a little time to display disabilities so an “abortion” can then be performed, these kinds of views are what–progress? The bad is already happening, people like the writer is blind to the fact that it is not the future we are talking about regarding bad things happening, it is now!

8. Taking out their phobias on children.

I have to remark about the first line from the writer under this heading:

“Nothing says more about a persons’ character than how they would treat innocent children.”

Is this where we are supposed to laugh! The writer should judge her own self since she accepts abortion. I wonder what this says about her character? While there are a lot of confusing things in society about many things, the idea of girls wanting to be treated as boys or vice versa, with the subsequent allowance of bathrooms or sports being based on feelings, many Christians believe that this phenomenon is basically unhealthy to the individual child and will eventually create a whole new group of people lost and without mush hope of a future. We don’t believe you can tinker and experiment with the physical attributes which makes one male or female. That is not a socially constructed category. So, no, we will oppose many of these things because Christians have a view of the future which, if these things are continued to be allowed, will create many detriments to society.

9. Equating religious freedom with a special right to discriminate.

Christians don’t really claim a special right to discriminate, nor do we think “discrimination” is automatically bad. After all, I discriminate against someone who has bad intentions towards me, society discriminates against older adults who want to have a sexual relationship with young children. Those are valid discriminatory sentiments. Many Christians don’t believe unnatural sexual activities, such as those committed by homosexuals, warrant a special dispensation, and so Christians will oppose that. As far as I am concerned, that is good discrimination! So the use of the word “discriminate” to describe someone’s actions is supposed to somehow denigrate that person but I would counter that not all discrimination is bad! The writer points out:

“People incapable of learning from history are sort of doomed to repeat it.”

Agreed, and Christians would say that the history we want to stop being repeated is that history which had mankind totally alienated from God and where sin played out openly and completely and hence society didn’t have and couldn’t enjoy the freedoms this country, under a Christian mindset, had eventually codified.

10. Showing how much you love people by harassing them

Witnessing = harassing? Talking = harassing? Will preaching in pulpits also = harassing? Last time I checked we can talk about all kinds of things in this society. Granted, to force someone in a corner and make them listen to your speech is wrong, but Christians expressing their beliefs in various manners is not harassment. If harassment is considered having to endure some kind of speech which I don’t like, then the article by the writer could fall under that category. Sure, I could have stopped reading it, but by the time I figured out what was in the article, it was too late, I have already been “harassed”. And of course, I don’t believe that, and I don’t believe that one should constantly bring up conversations in which the other individual doesn’t want to listen to, but that doesn’t mean that Christian conversations are always out of bounds. So, if there is one of the ten points by this writer I actually have sympathy towards, it would be this one. Christians do need to learn sometimes when the subject needs to be switched!


In conclusion, the writer thinks Right-Wing Christianity will destroy itself! Impossible! God has always had a remnant, he has also built his church upon a rock, in which the gates of hell can not prevail against.  So we will always be around. Can the Church lose its influence and status in society? That is very possible but the Church will still function, albeit in an “invisible” sense. The writer indicates how the millennials are leaving in droves because of our view of morality, etc. That may be true, but it is not because of the message  being preached by right-wing Christians, it is because of sin, which draws people away from the liberty which is in Christ to the false “liberty” sin offers. If an individual wants to live their life following the siren call of this age, there will only be so much fulfillment and a lot of heartache. But Christians will still be here, and God will still be here ready to turn that person’s life around. So to the millennials out there, reject if you will, God will still forgive all your sins if you find your way has left you incomplete!