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Christianity or Not!

“Hate” is such an easy word to throw around and is often used to put an opponent in a backpedaling mode—discouraging honest debate and instead putting the other side on the defensive!
It is also used when the one using the word “hate” really has no valid case to present—in other words, it covers up a deficient worldview which doesn’t have to be held accountable if it can remain hidden!
There is a point in which the vitriol towards some worldviews is so “fixed” and established that the only recourse is to ignore the criticism and go on with the message.
The Christian worldview can easily be defended and has a long historical pedigree of good outcomes. While people are imperfect and Christianity sometimes takes a “hit” when evil things are done in its name, the net effect of Christianity has benefited mankind far more than not! What is happening now by some in our society is that by definition, any belief of Christianity is automatically “evil” and hence “hateful” if it differs from the other side!
Our society has many divisions and cultural chasms, possibly unbridgeable for a long time, and the religious/moral one is the most important divide in my view since morality plays a large role in what the trajectory of a nation goes. The Christian worldview and the anti-christian worldview( represented by ABC News in this instance), represent two different choices, stark choices, which can determine the road taken and the destination achieved. And they are different destinations! 
If the influence of Christianity had never occurred, if Christ had never been born, if civilization proceeded without a Christian thought ever becoming an influence—how different would this world have been?
Then think about the scenario where all Christian influence was suddenly removed tomorrow, no Christian thought or idea ever uttered again—would we be better off as a society?
How those questions are answered will say a lot!

Trump and the Future

Important things don’t come cheap!
We fought a war to obtain our Independence and there was a lot of doubt during that war and after whether the American Experiment would succeed—but it did!
In the last few years the cleavage in this nation between Right and Left had become more acute, even before Trump. What the Trump phenomenon has shown is how vicious and anti-American and undemocratic the Left had actually become!
And what is frightening is that while the outward actions demonstrated by the Left since the Inauguration may not have been displayed, since Hillary would have won, that inward attitude would have still been present and would have displayed itself through policies and activities geared towards the strangling of anything connected with the Right—or on other words—many of our basic freedoms would be severely thwarted!
No matter what anyone feels about Trump—the present environment we are in is a clash—a clash of worldviews—and I would say between freedom and tyranny!
The deck is stacked against Trump and I blame a lot on Republicans who have failed to “carpe diem” and so have misunderstood the “times” which we in. Hence the maneuvering into this Special counsel scenario! And it is being taken advantage of for sure!
Republicans better have the right response if this Special counsel tries to undercut our President and they better evolve a strong stand—to lose now would mean possibly losing the future!
Republicans better start rallying around Trump, never mind his “unpolitical” methods—he is the leader! They need a better vision about that principle!

Reality? and Dems and Comey and Trump!

The Truman Show with Jim Carrey was actually a very thought-provoking movie. Truman, played by Carrey, was unwittingly part of a reality TV show which followed his life in real time without him being aware of it. Eventually he became suspicious and soon discovered what was going on. His world, though limited spatially, was a gigantic set of a small town. He eventually left that “life” physically and entered the actual world.

For me the most poignant moment was the end—not that Truman discovered a whole new world—but the attitude of those who were on the outside and watching the Truman Show for entertainment. The show officially went off the air and “snow” filled the screen. No matter the time investment and commitment given to the show, when it was over, it was over! It was time to simply move on to another channel–and that is what one minor character prepared to do—find the TV Guide and find out what else is on—turn the channel! All finished with Truman and on to the next thing to occupy the mind.

Now to the Dems. What occupied so much of their time and energy up to this Comey hearing was Russia! Russia this, Russia that, Russia controlling our Government, collusion and corruption, spilling over as if it was a filled up and overflowing seven-nipple pot from ancient Mesopotamia! It didn’t take long, especially after Chris Matthews had to admit (wonders of wonder) that the Russia-collusion theory has fallen apart!

What to do?

Find something else on—turn the channel!

With hardly any effort, the new push by Dems is “obstruction of justice”! Now all we hear from the Left is “perfect example of obstruction” or a “classic case of obstruction”, “textbook case of obstruction”, on and on and on! Effortlessly and all in sync!

They must have a priority list in which they may throw out a number of things but they take one in particular and try to pound it across the goal line. If that doesn’t work they go to the next thing on the list and try to pound!

These Dems are really a bunch of robots like the Borg on STNG. Someone sends out the memo I guess and they all get in lockstep! Marching onward to wherever, mere cogs in the Liberal machine!

What they don’t realize is they are being watched as well—and it won’t take much more and many more will “find something else” and turn the channel on them!

Sanders and Christ and the Nominee

Sanders the aloof-one!
We on the Right know that many on the Left repudiates Christianity for a number of reasons.
One reason involves the “nerve” to claim some possession of the “Truth”! Claiming that Christ is the only way of salvation and that the True God is the father of Christ! That pretty much leaves all the other religions on the wrong end.
Well…..that shouldn’t be news to Sanders or others—that has been the message of Christianity for 2000 years!
But what really gets many on the Left is the fact that it takes “truth-making” out of their hands. They want to decide what is right and wrong and unfortunately Christ stands in the way!
This is just Postmodernism or whatever ism may be prevalent at the moment. Truth is relative, history is all bias and can’t be trusted, and all religions are basically equal in worth (except for Christianity or the true Christianity which accepts Christ as the only Savior).
Sanders can’t believe that the nominee had written about the  Muslim religion and claimed it has a deficient theology. It does— because Christ is not the author of salvation for them. All other religions stand deficient if not centered on Christ. That is not a new statement! All persons as sinners and will continue to do so if Christ is not accepted by faith! That also is nothing new—it is the Christian message for the last 2000 years!
Sanders treats the nominee as if he is promulgating some newly formed cult whose teachings will undercut this Republic! And that is another tactic of the Left–ignore the facts of the historical basis of something, act like it is new, and then express some made-up “shock” that someone would actually believe those things in today’s modern world.
But once again Sanders:
John 3:16 (KJV)
16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 14:6 (KJV)
6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
Our nation was founded by many who either knew Christ personally as Savior or respected it nonetheless! We need more people like that in our government!

Huckabee, Foxx, Carrey, and Griffin

Huckabee got this right!
Jamie Foxx and Jim Carey are trying to come to the her aid through extolling the virtues of Art and Entertainment and their importance to the universe. In other words,criticize, but preserve the artist!
Foxx says: “We’re the comics, we’re entertainers, we don’t mean any harm”—yeah, right……..!
Carrey says: “I think it is the job of a comedian to cross the line at all times, because that line is not real. “If you step out into that spotlight and you’re doing the crazy things that [Trump] is doing, we’re the last line of defense. And really, comedians are the last voice of truth in this whole thing.”
Comedians are “the last voice of truth”! I think they really believe this drivel!
Disconnected Hollywood from society and…reality! We don’t need them! If they all disappeared society would have a new group emerge that are actually decent and funny….without the gutter!
Is there a cosmic law that says laughter can only increase as grossness and crassness increases? No!
But though they may be covered by Freedom Of Speech, their hiding behind the 1st Amendment is just a foil to cover the fact that inside, a lot of these comics are just plain despicable! And it comes out planned or unplanned at times so we all can see—as griffin has found out!
Also Carrey said: 
“Hold up a severed leg as well.I don’t know if it’s funny, but I don’t think the joke is the problem. Don’t worry about it. Don’t worry for your existence. All of this is meaningless… all of creation is just God’s Fidget Spinner. It’s really not important. What’s important is that we’re all here.”
And this is supposed to represent the “last voice of truth”? 

Marshall Plan and Paris Accord

Gergen, the CNNiot, makes a comparison with the Marshall Plan, the international agreement made after WWII to help restore Europe from the devastation of that war.
And it was physically destructive on a massive scale, cities literally laid waste, infrastructure decimated everywhere, economies destroyed ,it definitely was good that this Plan was initiated. And it was very successful as well.
That was a great action and deserves to be acclaimed as such!
But Gergen, in his apoplectic reaction, makes a comparison ridiculous in scope and magnitude. Somehow the international agreement which the Paris Accord represented, was on par with the Marshall Plan, the scope similar in what it wanted to achieve.
Except for the obvious difference of what was being fixed! Nothing was destroyed, nothing was on the verge of collapsing. there were no ruins to rebuild, nothing like what Europe experienced. So I find the comparison a bit childish and simply the result of “whining”.
The issue is carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas and its supposedly catastrophic impact it will have on climate through the greenhouse effect. The problem remains whether the climate changes we are experiencing are just regular fluctuations or whether raised carbon dioxide levels has sped up the warming. No one really knows, even though a “consensus” can claim what it wants. There are just too many variables no matter what a particular climate model may claim!
So the Marshall Plan, which addressed an actual catastrophic state of affairs, seen with the naked eye and experienced by major populations, is compared with a theoretical, apocalyptic scenario, with no visible present effects, with no real conclusive proof, but has a lot of probability, conjecture, extrapolation, politics, fear and mongering! Hmmm!
Actually, more carbon dioxide may help the growth of plants which then could help feed the hungry, etc—a good thing! Wouldn’t that be “a kick in the head” to these global warmists,  as Dean Martin would sing!
Sorry Gergen—no comparison! Try something different! 

Goodbye Paris Accord

Goodbye Paris!
Message to the “Gaea” worshippers: “Mother earth” is not a goddess, and so is not to be worshipped and  treated as if human!
Message to those who feel the need to fill a spiritual void with “worship” of the planet by somehow having to “protect her” with a religious kind of zeal!   “There is something better to worship!”
Message to those who are channeling the spirit of Malthus: Mankind solved the so-called population/food problem he predicted and so any environmental problems that arise today will be solved as well—but only real ones, not hypothetical ones!
Message to those globalists who really want this nation, on one hand, to have an “anchor” attached so our progress would be impeded but on the other hand, other countries would be going full speed ahead!
Message to the rest of the world, though we now stand only with Syria and Nicaragua as opposing the Climate Accord—that is not a negative, there’s plenty of room for other nations to come aboard with the U.S. Come on!
Message to hesitant Republicans and Democrats: there really is a new sheriff  in town—get used to it!
Message to those who will cry “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”   It isn’t!!
Full support for President Trump’s decision to leave this climate deal!
Make America Great Again!

Beheading of Trump–Comedian Action?

This is not an isolated incident, a simple “one-off” event! Something is being displayed among the Left which has been hidden for a long time.
The Left’s growing propensity for violence, its demand to shut down Conservatives, its totalitarian control of our future leaders by holding hostage the Universities, the true philosophical “insides” of Liberals are being displayed, and quite clearly!
A clue came the other day in the Planned Parenthood headline:
“Planned Parenthood executives joke about decapitating fetuses in new video” .
Abortion has long been the issue “Par excellence” among Liberals, the “Mt. Everest” of freedom! Why this is important is due to the spiritual effects imprinted on the human soul when the killing of babies is seen as the maximizing of freedom! The soul can’t help but become darkened over time!
Exactly what is a system of ethics and values being founded upon when it ends up being structured around that premise?
The end result is that violence is becoming the answer to situations which seem beyond the control of normal processes. The Left lost—badly—surprisingly—and they don’t know what to do! So what do they rely upon? The same kind of reasoning they use with unwanted babies! Control by force!
Laughing at decapitating fetuses! A comedian beheads Donald Trump!
We better pay attention to this Liberal evolution—the next step may be an actual attempt!  

Abortion Providers

A question was directed to me today in which I was asked about the Nazis and how they could kill Jews in those horrendous ways.
My initial reply was geared towards abortionists. How can abortionists do things like partial-birth abortion at 8 months and act like some grand act of freedom was exercised? How can they view the body parts of a 5 month baby on a table, absolutely destroyed, and joke about it?
Human nature is capable of a lot and when restraints are lifted and conscience has the chance to become seared, a lot can happen. We are told to remember history so we won’t repeat it, but we still repeat it!
The one thing that won’t change is human nature—that is why there should be law! The most basic law is that which protects human life—except when one redefines something as not having life or being human—then it is no longer protected.
The Nazis dehumanized Jews as cancers and parasites. We dehumanize babies in the womb as a blob of tissue, an assemblage of cells, potential human, etc.
The scary thing about humanity—it is easier than one thinks to act  as a monster!

Zuckerberg’s Utopia

In “Our Enemy, The State” written by Albert Jay Nock, he makes a quote about people:
“Because people tend to act with the least possible exertion in pursuing their ends, they will tend to prefer the political to the economic means…”
In other words, if one can get by with the government subsidizing their “least possible exertion”, (aka Laziness!), they will!
Zuckerberg thinks we should have a”… universal basic income to make sure everyone has a cushion to try new ideas.”
He also said this:  “We don’t yet know how it should look or how to pay for it, but basic income seems a promising way to do this.”
I know how it will be paid for—a few people will end up being the ones to do most of the work and their money will be utilized!
Human nature being what it is, and if Nock’s quote above is correct about “least possible exertion”, I think that for many, the “new ideas” will consist of “fun in the sun” and a life of leisure, paid for by the “few”.
This whole idea smacks of a utopian plan. In ‘Looking Backward” Edward Bellamy’s version of utopia consisted of a totally free society in which everyone gravitated towards the job or enterprise of their choice. As it turned out in the book, every needful niche happened to be taken care of and so society lacked for nothing. Everyone had their place! Zuckerberg’s world is a variation of this!
But…that is on paper only! His “vision” smacks of total naivete about human nature or … it is a brilliant masterplan which would set up a situation where a few can control the many! Another ridiculous socialist plan which would fail utterly if put into practice—but it would give power to a few!! So behind all this is a totalitarian impulse!
Caveat emptor!